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PEERMail | What This Election Means

by | October 31, 2022
It's easy to become jaded about elections but climate change efforts, public lands protection, and regulation of toxic chemicals are on the ballot ...

COMMENTARY | EPA’s Myth of Scientific Integrity

by | May 4, 2022
The EPA keeps paying lip service to scientific integrity but reality, and the experiences of scientists at EPA, is a completely different story ...

Letter to Sec. Deb Haaland – NODAP at Dept of Interior – 04-19-2022 (PDF)

by | April 19, 2022
DESCRIPTION: PEER letter to Secretary Deb Haaland on Interior’s continued use of the harsh personnel policy known as Notice of Opportunity to Demonstrate Acceptable Performance process, known as a “NODAP.” TO: Secretary Deb Haaland FROM: Tim Whitehouse, PEER DATE: April 19, 2022 ...

EPA Scientist Survey Yields Horrific Results

by | March 30, 2022
Scientist Feedback Scathing, Not Shared with Staff ...

Letter to Office of Personnel Management – Clean Record Settlements Rulemaking – 02-03-2022 (PDF)

by | February 3, 2022
DESCRIPTION: PEER submitted comments supporting a proposed OPM rulemaking that would remove a prohibition on “clean record” settlements for whistleblowers who are challenging illegal retaliation. TO: Office of Personnel Management FROM: Hudson Kingston, PEER DATE: February 3, 2022 TAGS ...
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