REPORT | Toxic PFAS Chemicals Measured in Nashville Fertilizer – 08-09-2022 (PDF) 

by | August 15, 2022
DESCRIPTION: PEER and Sierra Club Tennessee measured concentrations of PFAS or “forever chemicals,” in three bags of Music City Gold, a fertilizer made of sewage waste from the Nashville Central and Whites Creek wastewater treatment plants. BY: Scott Banbury, Sonya Lunder, and Denise ...

Testing Reveals High Levels of PFAS in Tennessee Fertilizer

by |
Music City Gold is a home fertilizer made with Nashville sewage waste ...

Tennessee Public Record Laws

by | November 28, 2019
Citations T.C.A. §§ 10-7-501 et seq. (http://www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/tncode/) Exemptions to Disclosure § 10-7-504 states that confidential records include: All criminal investigative files of the department of agriculture and the department of environment and conservation; Health ...

Water & Brimstone

by | March 1, 2019
Environmental scientist Barry Sulkin begins to study the impact of recreational ATV activity on the rivers and creeks that feed into the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River, a protected national treasure ...

Quentin Bass: Appalachian Tales with a Megaphone

by | April 19, 2018
Quentin Bass blew the whistle on the Forest Service's suppression of its own historic ecological records showing Eastern Forests were dominated by old trees, which was used to justify increased logging and prescribed burning on millions of acres of public forest throughout the Southern ...
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