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Around the Hubs: Biocides

by | June 13, 2018
From: Chemical Watch “Two US NGOs, Beyond Pesticides and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), have strongly criticised the US EPA’s new proposal on science transparency for exempting registration data on biocides and pesticides under the Federal Insecticide, ...

Environmental Group Protests Zinke’s Staff Cuts at Wildlife Center

by | June 13, 2018
From: Gephardt Daily “The National Bison Range — the 10th most visited refuge in the National Wildlife Refuge System with more than 200,000 visitors a year — has a third less staff than it had 15 years ago, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility said in the letter.&# ...

Declaring a Public Health Crisis at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco ,  a Federal Superfund Site

by | June 13, 2018
From: San Francisco Bay View “As a former physician specialist for the San Francisco Department of Public Health and founding chair of the Radiological Subcommittee of the Hunters Point Shipyard Restoration Advisory Board, I hereby declare the Hunters Point Shipyard to be a public ...

Environmental Group Calls Bison Refuge Closures A ‘Vendetta’

by | June 13, 2018
From: Boise State Public Radio “”The Fish and Wildlife regional office is waging the equivalent of bureaucratic war against the National Bison Range,” says Ruch. PEER claims that war involves cutting budget and staff. Ruch says the refuge can see more than 200,000 ...

Green Group Hits Administration Over Staff Cuts that Hamper Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

by | June 12, 2018
From: The Hill “In a letter sent Monday to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) argued that recent steps taken by the overseeing U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office to diminish staff at the park to 4.5 on-site staff hurt the ...


by | June 12, 2018
Without a Quorum, MSPB Paralyzed as Cases in Backlog Limbo Now Exceed 1,100 ...

I Declare The Hunters Point Shipyard To Be A Public Health Emergency

by | June 11, 2018
From: Indy Bay “The parcels in question border former Parcel A where families are now housed according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility executive director Jeff Ruch. Ruch obtained the EPA review under the Freedom of Information Act and states, “Documents ...

Week 72: Trump’s “Soviet-Style” Plan to Save Coal

by | June 11, 2018
From: NRDC: On Earth “The order comes as part of a Freedom of Information Act dispute between Pruitt’s EPA and the group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, or PEER. The group has demanded that the EPA produce data in support of Pruitt’s claim, while the agency ...

The Great Chinese Climate Hoax Might Be Working Overtime This Hurricane Season

by | June 11, 2018
From: Esquire “That storms are becoming stronger, wetter, and slower is pushing us toward something resembling a bimonthly catastrophe every year at this time. Luckily, we have Scott (Free Lunch) Pruitt on the job, as a federal judge made clear on Wednesday.” Read more . . . ...

State Scientist Tapped for EPA Panel with Backing of Texas GOP Donor

by | June 11, 2018
From: The Austin-American Statesman “The science board “should protect human health and the environment, but they are getting rid of real scientists and stacking it with ones their donors want in there,” Kyla Bennett, a former EPA employee who now works for the watchdog group ...

Letter From the Heartland Institute to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

by | June 8, 2018
From: The Heartland Institute “The day after that interview, a group called Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request demanding “EPA documents that support the conclusion that human activity is not the largest factor ...

Yellowstone Superintendent Retires Rather Than Accept Reassignment to D.C.

by | June 8, 2018
From: Boisie State Public Radio “‘I’m 66 years old,’ he said. ‘I did not see that I had that kind of energy that I could commit to three to five years and so I made the decision to retire.’ Wenk is one of many senior leaders at the Park Service targeted for ...

Forced Out Of Yellowstone

by | June 8, 2018
From: Mountain Journal “Against his will, in violation of an informal “gentleman’s agreement,” and amid public outrage, Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk has received notification from the U.S. Interior Department informing him that he is being forcibly re- ...

Leaving Room for Trump’s Signature, Coal Baron Provided Drafts of Pro-Industry Executive Orders

by | June 7, 2018
From: Common Dreams “Reports of coal executive Bob Murray’s suggestions for pro-fossil fuel executive orders in early 2017 raised further concerns on Thursday regarding his industry’s power over the Trump administration. The biggest concern, tweeted Public Employees for ...

Scott Pruitt Has Until July 11 to Explain His Climate Skepticism, Judge Rules

by | June 6, 2018
From: Motherboard “After Pruitt ignored an FOIA request for studies supporting his view that humans are not the primary contributor to climate change, environmental advocates turned to the courts.” Read more . . . Read the PEER story ...

Court Slams Pruitt’s Claim On CO2 Link To Warming, Orders Data Release

by | June 6, 2018
From: Inside EPA “A federal district court judge is rejecting EPA’s refusal to provide documents showing the basis of Administrator Scott Pruitt’s claim that human-released carbon dioxide is not the “primary contributor” to climate change, and is instead ordering the ...

Judge Orders EPA to Disclose any Science Backing up Pruitt’s Climate Claims

by | June 6, 2018
From: Ars Technica “Since Pruitt’s words contradicted scientific evidence shared by the EPA before the administrator took office, PEER’s request might turn up some recent document that indicated Pruitt had new information. Instead, the EPA stalled and refused to provide any ...

Judge Orders EPA to Produce Science behind Pruitt’s Warming Claims

by | June 6, 2018
From: Scientific American “A court case may compel him to produce research that attempts to contradict the mountain of peer-reviewed studies collected by the world’s top science agencies over decades that show humans are warming the planet at an unprecedented pace through the ...

EPA Ordered to Produce Records Backing Pruitt Claims

by | June 4, 2018
From: E&E News “Although more than one year has elapsed since the plaintiffs submitted the FOIA request, EPA has conducted no search for any responsive records, not produced any records to the plaintiff,” Howell wrote.” Read more . . . Read the PEER story ...

EPA Chief Loses a Round in Court on Release of Climate Change Studies

by | June 4, 2018
From: Government Executive “A federal judge on Friday scolded Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt for failing to respond to a nonprofit’s Freedom of Information Act request for climate change studies Pruitt claimed bolstered his skeptical views.” Read ...
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