Webinar | Is “Retail Choice” Working For U.S. Consumers?

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Deregulated Energy’s Results, Challenges, and Solutions

This interactive webinar will provide participants the opportunity to learn from experts in key states that deregulated their residential energy supply markets in the 1990s. With nearly one-third of home energy now sold under ‘Retail Choice’ in 13 states and DC, did supply competition spark better pricing and energy offerings? The Wall Street Journal reported in March 2021, that households on Retail Choice paid $19.2 billion since 2010 more for electricity than sticking with their utility’s offers. What are today’s market challenges and what are the solutions that states have put in place? What are the environmental and climate implications of these energy markets?



    • Jon Campbell (Moderator), award-winning investigative reporter
    • Richard Berkley, Esq., New York Public Utility Law Project’s Executive Director
    • Fred Anders, developer of TexasPowerGuide.com
    • Bryan McDaniel, Illinois Citizen Utility Board’s Director of Government Affairs
    • Laurel Peltier, founded Maryland’s Energy Supplier Reform Coalition

With remarks by Tim Whitehouse, Executive Director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility


Recorded September 13, 2021

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