States weigh limiting ‘forever chemicals’ definition

by E&E News | February 22, 2024
State lawmakers are facing industry pressure to narrow the definition of “forever chemicals,” a move blasted by scientists for increasing exposure risks. “This is their playbook: Not all PFAS are dangerous,” said Kyla Bennett, director of science policy at Public ...

Artificial turf has parents and coaches of cancer-stricken athletes concerned

by Philadelphia Inquirer | February 20, 2024
Across the United States, parents, youth coaches, and medical experts worry that a melange of dangerous chemicals, lurking unseen in an estimated 13,000 artificial turf fields, has made youth athletes sick. In November, the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) reported ...

Dead livestock and poisoned water — Texas farmers sue over PFAS contamination

Two Texas farm families have seen their health decline, their pets and livestock sickened and killed, their water poisoned and and their property values wiped out due to high levels of chemical contamination linked to a company marketing treated sewage sludge as a fertilizer and soil ...

Sewage Sludge and Contaminated Farms

With regulation of sewage-sludge fertilizer mostly unsettled nationally, a pair of Texas farms are suing the waste recycling and biosolids company Synagro for selling fertilizer that the farmers allege has affected their health, contaminated their water supply and left their fields and ...

The Battle For The Skies Over National Parks Drags On

Congress in 2000 passed the National Parks Air Tour Management Act governing scenic flights over national parks outside Alaska and the Grand Canyon National Park, which obtained its own flight plan in 1987. It directed the National Park Service to work with the Federal Aviation ...
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