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COMMENTARY | Scientific Integrity’s Central Conundrum

by Jeff Ruch | February 9, 2022
The issues with Dr. Lander's tenure in the White House are a symptom of a large problem with scientific integrity and research in federal government ...

Op-Ed | Why KC Becker holds the key to Front Range air quality

by Chandra Rosenthal | February 8, 2022
Colorado has been badly out of compliance with National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for a decade now. It's getting worse, not better ...

COMMENTARY | Climate Integrity Project Targets False Solutions

by Tim Whitehouse | February 8, 2022
PEER is launching a Climate Integrity Project to address bogus offsets, keeping clean energy clean and strengthening transparency in climate programs ...

COMMENTARY | Startling New EPA Data on PFAS Waste Disposal

by Tim Whitehouse | January 26, 2022
Recently obtained data from EPA documents what is likely only a small fraction of the generation and disposal of PFAS waste across the country ...

COMMENTARY | Being Bold on National Park Staffing

by Hudson Kingston | January 20, 2022
The National Park Service is suffering from a staffing crisis, bold action is needed to address climate, conservation and maintenance goals ...

COMMENTARY | Conservation and Climate Action Require a Better Bureau of Land Management

by Hudson Kingston | December 23, 2021
Without changing its own culture, Bureau of Land Management will be unable to achieve the Biden Administration's conservation and climate goals ...

Op-Ed | Biden’s Leadership Vacancies at Interior Recall Trump’s Track Record

by Peter Jenkins | December 16, 2021
The department plays a pivotal role in fulfilling many of the administration’s goals. It deserves more than temporary minders ...

COMMENTARY | Concern Over President’s Choice to Head Federal Wildlife Agency 

by Guest Contributor | December 13, 2021
The Biden Administration's pick to lead the Fish and Wildlife Service, Martha Williams, seems to be lacking in the required education ...

COMMENTARY | Opaque Decision-Making at The Colorado Air Pollution Control Division

by Guest Contributor | December 10, 2021
Colorado Air Pollution Control Division has a convenient history of bad record keeping at a time when reporters, citizens and lawmakers have a lot of questions ...

COMMENTARY | Curing EPA’s Culture of Corruption

by Kyla Bennett | December 2, 2021
Instead of wasting resources to stamp out dissent, EPA needs to clean up corruption in its management chain ...

COMMENTARY | To Regulate “Super Greenhouse Gases” Congress Must Act

by Guest Contributor | November 22, 2021
Congressional action is needed reduce the use of Sulfur Hexafluoride, the most potent “super greenhouse gas” known to exist ...

COMMENTARY | We Can’t Build Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis

by Tim Whitehouse | November 19, 2021
Reducing our energy use must be a goal. Time is too short, and the climate math is too rigorous, for us to build our way out of this crisis ...

PEER Profile | Policy and Litigation in the Midwest

by Hudson Kingston | November 17, 2021
PEER Policy and Litigation attorney Hudson Kingston joins the PEER team, working out of Minnesota ...

COMMENTARY | Is EPA Playing with Funny Numbers in its Methane Proposal?

by Guest Contributor | November 4, 2021
The EPA is undervaluing the short term Global Warming Potential of methane gas in its most recent regulation proposal ...

COMMENTARY | A Challenge for the New Director of the National Park Service

by Guest Contributor | October 19, 2021
Absent a major shift in priorities at the National Park Service, it is only a matter of time before we see preventable deaths and other disasters ...

Revealed | EPA Data on potential PFAS Sites

by Tim Whitehouse | October 17, 2021
The scale of potential PFAS problems is several times larger than previously understood - more than 120,000 potential sites identified ...

COMMENTARY | EPA Needs to Change Methane Rules

by Guest Contributor | September 28, 2021
EPA now needs to update its rules for methane – and ground those rules in the 20-year outlook that the latest science demands ...

COMMENTARY | Protecting Democracy Means Protecting Whistleblowers

by Kevin Bell | September 21, 2021
The Protecting Our Democracy Act would provide critical checks on democracy and enhanced protection for government whistleblowers ...

STATEMENT | Bureau of Land Management to Re-Open DC Headquarters

by Tim Whitehouse | September 17, 2021
PEER applauds the Bureau of Land Management's decision to return its headquarters to Washington, DC ...

COMMENTARY | EPA’s Toxic Culture: Oversight Update

by Tim Whitehouse | August 18, 2021
There have been several positive developments in PEER’s efforts to expose the corrupt culture within EPA’s new chemicals program but still a long way to go ...
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