Climate and Energy

PEERMail | A Gaping Climate Blind Spot

by | October 18, 2023
PEER is requesting intervention to jump-start the long-overdue environmental review of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System ...

Trans-Alaska Pipeline: Gaping Climate Blind Spot

by | October 16, 2023
No Federal Assessments of Climate Change Impacts Upon or From Pipeline ...

COMMENTARY | Why the Chilling Fight Behind Climate Change?

by | September 28, 2023
This country cannot be locked into a new generation of toxic refrigerants, many of which have significant global warming potential ...

Maryland Should Lift Curtain on Its Renewable Portfolio

by | August 2, 2023
Past Reports Cloak Dirty Energy Subsidies and Assessment of Actual Impacts ...

COMMENTARY | New Green Guides Must Address Renewable Energy

by | April 26, 2023
Concern about climate change creates fertile ground for misleading marketing claims around renewable energy and other environmental issues ...

Waste Incinerators’ Toxic Output Should Be Reported

by | April 3, 2023
Incinerator Chemical Releases Not Included in EPA Toxics Release Inventory ...
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