PEERMail | Are Wild Horses to Blame for Failing Rangeland Health?

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Are Wild Horses to Blame for Failing Rangeland Health?

Many private ranchers blame wild horses for degrading public lands in the west, but what role do these animals play in harming the landscape? We decided to investigate this important question after the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) removed a record number of horses and burros from federally managed rangelands this year. 

In March 2022, PEER published BLM’s rangeland health data that painted a bleak picture of the conditions of large swaths of land in the west. And, while horses do impact the land, our new report, Bureau of Land Management Land Health Status highlights BLM data that showcases the removal of wild horses while failing to address the main driver for degrading landscape health standards: overgrazing by domestic livestock.

BLM must address overgrazing on public lands, and our report provides concrete recommendations for the agency to act on. These lands provide essential habitat and water quality protections that are becoming more critical with climate change. Overgrazing destroys these land health values. With your help we are determined to make these recommendations a reality.

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