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We’re Making Progress Together

Spring is the season of rebirth, renewal, and regrowth. That is why I am delighted to share with you some important progress PEER has recently made. 

One piece of good news comes from the state of Maine, which has backed off its plan to build administrative offices in the restricted zone of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway after opposition from PEER and other groups. PEER has long been a fierce advocate of protecting the values of the Allagash and other wilderness areas throughout the country. In a country intent on commercializing everything, protecting wild places continues to be a top priority for PEER. 

Other good news comes from the Biden administration, which has finalized regulations to protect civil servants from being easily stripped of their workplace protections in the event of a new Trump administration. The Biden administration has also finalized drinking water standards for certain toxic forever chemicals, known as PFAS. Far more work is needed on both fronts, but we are happy to see some progress on some of PEER’s top priorities. 

We could not have done this without you. Thank you for your support, and for considering an additional springtime contribution


Tim Whitehouse
Executive Director 

More On Climate Integrity

University of Albany Campus photo

Over 90 people attended a webinar, Greenwashing or Real Climate Action, hosted by PEER and Bard College’s Worldwide Climate Justice Education Week. Check out the recording of the webinar to learn more about how to spot false climate solutions. Read more>>

A New Action on PFAS and Plastics

BLM law Enforcement Alaska

PEER and a coalition of groups have filed a petition asking EPA to immediately prohibit the production of three toxic long-chain PFAS during the fluorination of plastic containers. This is part of PEER’s ongoing efforts to get PFAS out of plastics. Read more>>

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