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Wrapping Our Heads Around Plastics

Plastic pollution’s devastating effects on our health and the environment have been making headlines lately. Despite industry’s efforts to greenwash their products, the truth about plastic’s harm is becoming increasingly clear.

To delve deeper into this critical issue, I invite you to watch our recent webinar, “Plastics Revealed: Health Risks, Environmental Impacts, and the Path to Solutions,” hosted in partnership with Beyond Plastics and Oceana. You can also explore our recent commentary, “Plastics Pollution – Setbacks and Solutions,” by PEER’s litigation and policy attorney, Colleen Teubner.

Our primary focus areas include:
•    Radically reducing plastic use in national parks; and
•    Eliminating toxic PFAS chemicals from plastic containers.

Progress in these areas has been frustratingly slow due to government inaction. However, we remain undeterred. We understand the high stakes and are committed to intensifying our plastics program in the coming year.

Thank you for your continued support.

Tim Whitehouse
Executive Director

P.S. I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our annual fundraising campaign Double Trouble which aims at strengthening our whistleblower and government transparency efforts. Learn more about this campaign and join us in demanding accountability and empowering democracy!

Join the Summer of Good Trouble

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2024 is a pivotal year for democracy everywhere. This summer, YOU have the chance to seize the moment to demand accountability and empower our democracy. From now until September 20th: All gifts to PEER will be matched 1:1, new and increased gifts will be matched 2:1. Join us, give to PEER this summer, and get into good trouble! Read more>>

IG Blasts EPA’s Lack of Scientific Integrity Procedures

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The EPA Inspector General has criticized the agency for failing to develop “clear reporting procedures for scientific concerns involving political appointees,” backing up a key concern raised by PEER that EPA lacks any internal mechanism for investigating, adjudicating, and punishing scientific misconduct. Read more>>

Take Action, Sign These Petitions!

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We have two urgent actions ready for your signature: one urges the EPA to take immediate action to protect farmers and our food supply from biosolids contaminated with PFAS, the other urges the BLM to take action to restore land health from overgrazing on public lands. Your voice on these issues matters! Read more>>

What the FCC Must Do to Comply with New NEPA Rules

Photo of female scientist doing an experiment with the word Commentary superimposed

Erica Rosenberg, an environmental attorney with Congressional, NGO, academia, and agency experience, outlines the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) troubling history of failing to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and how the FCC will have to revamp its rule to comply with updated NEPA rules. Read more >>

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