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Amid Damning Criticism of Its Scientific Integrity, EPA Takes Public Comments on Updated Policy

by Beyond Pesticides | February 12, 2024
As the U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) takes public comments on its updated scientific integrity policy (until February 23, 2024), Beyond Pesticides issued an action and reminds the agency that when it fails to carry out its mission to protect health and the environment—by allowing ...

EPA Reverses on Decision to Ban Flea Collars with Toxic Pesticide, Leaving Children at Risk

by Beyond Pesticides | September 29, 2023
Beyond Pesticides has long covered a long list of corrupt practices by EPA and the chemical industry, demonstrating that the TCVP saga is nothing new. For example, in 2021 four whistleblower scientists asserted that “risk assessments for both new and existing chemicals were ...

EU and U.S. Pesticide Regulators Ignore Developmental Neurotoxicity of Pesticides, Industry Hides Data

by Beyond Pesticides | June 9, 2023
There is mounting evidence that scientists and regulators themselves want to see reform. A 2022 survey of agricultural scientists found that many—especially university researchers—believe that EPA underestimates risk significantly, and they support regulation of inert ingredients as ...

Lack of Scientific Integrity Threatens EPA’s Credibility; Action Called for to Make Improvements

by Beyond Pesticides | April 10, 2023
OIG is an independent branch of EPA that can receive complaints of mismanagement, misconduct, abuse of authority, or censorship, including those related to scientific or research misconduct, without fear of improper influence. Through its statutory mandate, OIG investigates these ...

Office of the Inspector General Slams EPA for Betraying Scientific Integrity. . . Again

by Beyond Pesticides | March 31, 2023
The OIG report notes “unprecedented” interference on the part of Trump EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and other political appointees in the PFBS assessment. At the 11th hour, Mr. Wheeler ordered the insertion of a range of toxicity values, rather than a specific limit. The ...
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