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Cambridge finds elevations of toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water, will switch to MWRA

by Boston Globe | August 28, 2022
Kyla Bennett, director of science policy for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility in New England, urged Cambridge residents to stop using the city’s water because of the reported levels of PFAS. Bennett lives in Easton, where the town is spending more than $9 million on a ...

As contaminated water concerns grow, Massachusetts towns urge the state to stop spraying pesticides in their communities

by Boston Globe | May 31, 2021
“To reduce the spread of eastern equine encephalitis and other mosquito-borne diseases, the state has sprayed millions of acres in recent years with a pesticide found to contain significant amounts of PFAS. The PFAS leached into the pesticide from its packaging. Under pressure from ...

More communities are finding toxic chemicals in their drinking water

by Boston Globe | May 23, 2021
“Since Massachusetts enacted new safety regulations last fall, more communities have found elevated levels of toxic chemicals known as PFAS in their drinking water. Kyla Bennett, a former scientist at the US Environmental Protection Agency, noted that Massachusetts requires testing ...

President Biden’s flurry of actions to protect the environment reignites a controversy about the Atlantic’s only marine monument

by Boston Globe | January 21, 2021
“Last June, as part of a concerted campaign to dismantle the environmental policies of the Obama administration, Donald Trump met with fishermen in Maine and signed a proclamation that allowed commercial fishing in nearly 5,000 square miles of federally protected waters southeast of ...

EPA finds toxic compounds in mosquito spray used in Mass.; maker will change packaging

by Boston Globe | January 14, 2021
“The Environmental Protection Agency has acknowledged that a controversial pesticide used to kill mosquitoes in Massachusetts contains toxic chemicals that leach into the product from its container, and the manufacturer has agreed to change its packaging, officials said Thursday. ...
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