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Greens’ Complaint Charges Trump Admin With Purging Enemies

by E&E News | March 5, 2020
“The group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility filed a complaint today over what they charge is the administration’s intent to fire federal career staff who are disloyal to President Trump. The complaint, filed with the Office of Special Counsel, claims top White ...

Lawmakers Vow They’ll Ground Sightseeing Flights

by E&E News | March 3, 2020
“With thousands of helicopters flying over Hawaii Volcanoes National Park every year, Democratic Rep. Ed Case says the situation has clearly gotten out of control. ‘That’s no way to run a national park,’ Case, a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, told ...

‘It Sure Appears to Be Hinky’ — a Job Made for 1 Man?

by E&E News | February 19, 2020
“The National Park Service today defended its hiring of former acting Director P. Daniel Smith for a job in North Carolina that appeared to be posted just for him. In an official posting, NPS officials described the position as a telework job that paid up to $166,000 a year and was ...

NPS Employees Ask: Where Is P. Daniel Smith?

by E&E News | February 13, 2020
“When P. Daniel Smith left his job as acting director of the National Park Service on Sept. 30, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt asked him to take a new role leading the agency’s efforts to celebrate the 250th anniversary of U.S. independence on July 4, 2026. Under the ...

Trump Hails WOTUS Overhaul as Critics Call for Investigation

by E&E News | January 20, 2020
“President Trump yesterday touted his repeal of key Clean Water Act regulations as more than three dozen current and former government officials called for an investigation into the scientific basis of his forthcoming replacement rule. The Obama-era rule was meant to clarify which ...
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