Lawsuit Seeks Removal Of Trump Lands Appointees

by NPR | May 11, 2020
“In a federal lawsuit filed Monday, conservation groups allege the Trump administration’s continued use of temporary appointees to lead large federal lands agencies is a violation of federal law and the Constitution’s “advice and consent” clause.The suit, ...

How Trump Has Filled High-Level Jobs Without Senate Confirmation Votes

by NPR | March 9, 2020
“The titles are a mouthful. There’s the deputy director exercising the authority of director for the National Park Service, and the senior official performing the duties of the director at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This is how President Trump is filling dozens ...

Amid Legal Questions, Contract Extended For Acting Head Of Land Management

by NPR | October 3, 2019
The Trump administration says the controversial acting head of the Bureau of Land Management is keeping his job through the end of the year, despite legal questions surrounding his appointment. Transcript DAVID GREENE, HOST: So why would President Trump leave a federal agency without a ...