Florida Panthers – Deaths and Births by Year

by | February 1, 2022
Infographic: For the sixth year in a row, mortality of the highly endangered Florida panther has substantially exceeded births ...

FAQs about Florida’s BMAP system: Is it effective? Is there a better system?

by TC Palm | January 10, 2022
Florida officials haven’t backed new regulations with the funding required to fulfill them. For example, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) is supposed to inspect farms every two years to verify they are adhering to best management practices that reduce pollution ...

REPORT | 2020 Florida Enforcement Report

by | September 15, 2021
Report on Enforcement Efforts by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Calendar Year 2020 ...

Florida Pollution Enforcement Fell into COVID Coma   

by |
Inspections and Eco-Compliance Tumbled in 2020 among Enforcement Gaps ...

Delray Deputy Utility Manager Cashiered   

by | May 27, 2021
Troubled Florida Water Utility Faces Gauntlet of Public Health Challenges ...
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