BLOG | BLM Needs a Future Far Brighter Than Its Past 

by | August 26, 2020
Under the Trump administration, BLM has declined even further than in previous decades. We hope for a brighter future for BLM, which is so needed ...

Blowing Whistle on Range Violations Unwelcome in BLM

by | May 29, 2019
BLM Fires 21-Year Veteran Whistleblower Rather than Curtailing Illegal Grazing ...

Livestock Land Abuse Rampant on Public Range

by | October 6, 2016
New BLM Figures Show Little Progress in Healing Lands Degraded by Overgrazing ...

BLM Agrees to Beef up Livestock Range Condition Reports

by | April 14, 2016
Data Quantifying and Qualifying Grazing Effects on Land Health Belatedly Restored ...

Battle Mountain Grazing Settlement Sows Seeds of Discord

by | June 10, 2015
Rancher Rewarded for Defiant Trespass as BLM Avoids Enforcement at All Costs ...
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