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Water board, Boeing deal sets stage for cleanup to begin

by Thousand Oaks Acorn | August 19, 2022
West Hills resident Melissa Bumstead, founder of Parents Against Santa Susana Field Lab, said the group has identified 81 cases of pediatric cancer within a 10-mile radius of the SSFL. Jeff Ruch, founder and executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, said the ...

If Gov. DeSantis really wants to oust officials, here’s a list | Column

by Tampa Bay Times | August 18, 2022
Hamilton has only held the top DEP job for a year, but he was with the agency for 13 years before that. How’s he doing? Absolutely outstanding, according to the polluters. But if you’re interested in clean waterways, the answer is: Not so good. Every year, Jerrel “Jerry” Phillips ...

Music City Gold Tests Positive for PFAS, PFOS

by Nashville Scene | August 17, 2022
New analysis finds consistent concentrations of cancer-linked “forever chemicals” in Music City Gold, a product created by a joint venture between Metro Water and Tycowa LLC. The “organic rich bio-fertilizer” is advertised as “all natural” and “safe for plants, pets ...

Why scientists have pumped a potent greenhouse gas into streams on public lands

by NPR | August 15, 2022
The planning for this half-billion-dollar ecological project, and the construction of its monitoring instruments, took around twenty years. It began operating at full tilt in 2019. That’s the same year when a scientist at Yellowstone National Park started to question why NEON was ...

Why scientists have pumped a potent greenhouse gas into streams on public lands (TRANSCRIPT)

by NPR | August 15, 2022
CHANDRA ROSENTHAL: They’re doing these experiments on public lands like national parks and national forests, which this doesn’t fit with the mission of these agencies at all. GREENFIELDBOYCE: Chandra Rosenthal is with a watchdog group called Public Employees for Environmental ...

Water board’s vote clears path for Boeing’s clean up of toxic site near Simi Valley

by VC Star | August 13, 2022
The water board adopted the MOU despite dozens of public speakers who urged it not to on grounds that the settlement would allegedly leave at least 90% of Boeing’s contaminated soil not cleaned up. “I don’t believe you can say with a straight face that this Boeing deal ...

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Contribute to Liver Injury, including Toxic PFAS and Pesticides

by Beyond Pesticides | August 12, 2022
Thus, PFAS contamination is significantly underrepresented and much more perverse than previously thought, polluting storage and transportation containers, food and water resources, and other chemical products. For instance, independent research by Public Employees for Environmental ...

If Florida Gov. DeSantis wants to oust officials, here’s a list

by Florida Phoenix | August 11, 2022
Every year, Jerrel “Jerry” Phillips of the Florida chapter of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility runs the DEP’s enforcement numbers and issues a report. The report for Hamilton’s first year, issued last month, found some major problems. Big sewage leaks happened ...

Green groups push NPS to speed up ban on single-use plastics

by E&E News | August 10, 2022
E&E NEWS PM | A coalition of environmental groups today criticized the National Park Service for its plan to ban the sale of single-use plastics by the end of 2032, saying it “lacks urgency” and should instead be done within two years. If a new president is elected in 2024, the ...

‘Our community has been deceived’: Turf wars mount over PFAS

by E & E News | August 3, 2022
“Portsmouth is a really good example of [how] it’s really hard to put the horse back in the barn after the doors are open,” said Kyla Bennett, director of science policy at Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, who has worked with a number of environmental groups ...

Maryland must stop pretending that poultry waste is clean energy

by | August 2, 2022
In 2020, more than a third of Maryland’s “clean energy” dollars went to polluting energy sources, according to a report earlier this year by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. Setting goals for 100% clean energy is critical, but it must be married with appropriate ...

Loophole Lets DOL Install Wage Chief While Nomination Is Pending

by Bloomberg Law | August 2, 2022
Courts have split on whether these arrangements are legal. Separate rulings in Gianforte v. Bureau of Land Management at the US District Court for the District of Montana and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility v. the National Park Service at the US District Court for the ...

BLM gives final OK to American Prairie bison grazing plans; GOP politicians vow to fight

by Casper Star Tribune | August 1, 2022
As the state’s cattle industry and pro-agriculture politicians have taken aim at the BLM for what it sees as its pro-American Prairie decision, the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility has charged the federal agency has given commercial livestock grazing a pass when it comes ...

National parks won’t meet the deadline to fix loud plane tours, watchdog group says

by | August 1, 2022
An environmental nonprofit won a court judgment regulating helicopter and plane noise over national parks in 2020, but most parks have yet to comply with the judgment. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility has pressured the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Park ...

EPA Whistleblowers Provide New Evidence of Ongoing Failure to Assess Dangerous Chemicals

by The Intercept | August 1, 2022
According to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, the organization that’s representing the whistleblowers, the statements may be a violation of the law. “I hope that the inspector general evaluates whether these false statement are violations of the criminal statute,” ...

National Park Service Challenges Mandated E-Bike Rule Review

by Bloomberg Law | July 26, 2022
The National Park Service will ask the D.C. Circuit to overturn a judge’s finding that its rule allowing the use of e-bikes within the parks system needs further environmental review, according to a notice filed in a Washington, D.C., federal court. The agency’s final rule issued in ...

Florida City Sued by Water Quality Whistleblower

by Law Street Media | July 26, 2022
The plaintiff resorted to disclosing the water quality problems to the press and a non-profit environmental group, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, due to the City’s alleged willful ignorance; these disclosures eventually led to the Florida Department of Health’s ...

PEER: BLM should account for grazing’s climate impacts

by E&E News | July 25, 2022
The Bureau of Land Management’s oversight of livestock grazing is contributing to the negative effects of a warming climate on federal landscapes, a government watchdog group says in a letter to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. The letter, dated Friday and sent to Haaland by Public ...

The Bureau of Land Management Lets 1.5 Million Cattle Graze on Federal Land for Almost Nothing, but the Cost to the Climate Could Be High – Inside Climate News

by Inside Climate News | July 25, 2022
On Monday, the environmental group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) sent a complaint letter to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, accusing the department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) of failing to take into account the climate impacts of its commercial grazing ...

Experts to Congress: Restore EPA Enforcement Staffing and Funding for Environmental Justice

by Government Executive | July 25, 2022
“The administration is trying to reorient its focus, but it needs the tools to do that,” said Tim Whitehouse, executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and a former senior attorney for EPA’s enforcement division. “It needs the enforcement officers, ...
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