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Recent press clips from national publications that relate to PEER issues, campaigns and news releases.

Environmental inspections fell in Florida during COVID-19 pandemic

State environmental investigators inspected fewer potential violations in 2020 than in 2019, but the number of enforcement actions reached their highest level in nearly a decade, according to a new study from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) investigators did find more violations in 2020 than in 2019 as industry compliance...
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EPA Urged to Stop Use of Misbranded “Minimum Risk” Pesticides, Step Up Oversight and Enforcement

“Health and environmental organizations are urging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state pesticide regulators to immediately stop the use and sale of dangerous and misbranded Eco-MIGHT and W.O.W. (Whack Out Weeds!) products, falsely labeled as 25(b) minimum risk. Recent laboratory testing by the state of California found the presence of hazardous pesticides, including...
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Air Tour Plan Needs a Time Frame

For the last 20 years the Federal Aviation Adminitration has ignored Glacier National Park’s efforts to prohibit commercial overflights. For 20 years thousands of complaints have been filed by individuals and organizations about noise pollution destroying the Glacier experience for millions of visitors and wildlife so that a handful of people could have a thrill...
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Deadline nears for HVNP’s air tours plan

Eleven of 24 U.S. national parks have completed drafts of court-ordered air tour management plans and released them for public comment. That’s 21 years after the Air Tour Management Act of 2000 went into effect and a year after a federal judge ruled in favor of a suit by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and...
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Loosening industry’s grip on EPA’s new chemicals program

Many of the worst abuses coming to light took place during the Trump administration, and it is tempting to believe the change in administrations has fixed the problems.  It has not.  The damaging practices, culture, policies and management systems predate the last administration and laid the foundation for the abuses.  Highly problematic decisions continue to...
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USGS ignores cattle in study on wild horse impacts — report

“A nonprofit watchdog group says a recent peer-reviewed study led by the U.S. Geological Survey overstates the harm caused by wild horses to greater sage grouse habitat and ignores data showing that livestock grazing has a significant impact on the bird. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, or PEER, says in a report today that the...
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Environmental group blasts Interior for ignoring cattle impacts and blaming wild horses for public land damage

“The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is failing to apply its own data about the growing adverse impacts of livestock grazing on Western public lands and is instead blaming wild horses for land degradation, according to a new analysis released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a leading environmental watchdog organization. In a...
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At Colorado’s tight-lipped air pollution agency, a ‘culture of fear’ prevails

“Few Coloradans know the Air Pollution Control Division by name, but every time they take a breath of Rocky Mountain air, they’re impacted by the decisions it makes. Most notably, the APCD is currently the subject of multiple investigations relating to a March 2021 whistleblower complaint filed with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector...
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Interior Employees Impacted by Trump’s Relocations Rejoice as Biden Moves Agency Headquarters Back to D.C.

“The Bureau of Land Management is once again relocating its headquarters, this time moving it back to Washington, D.C., in a reversal of a controversial decision by the Trump administration. Tim Whitehouse, executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, said the announcement marked the end of the BLM’s “days as a political football.”” Read...
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