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Social Security’s Slapdash Scientific Integrity Plan

February 26, 2024

New Draft Policy Puts Restrictions on But Has No Protections for Scientists

Remove Forever Chemicals from Biosolid Fertilizers

February 22, 2024

PFAS Absorbed in Plants Are Major Exposure Pathway into our Food Chain

EPA Fears Empowering Its Own Scientists

February 21, 2024

Management Avoids Any Rules to Enforce Scientific Integrity Principles

PFAS in Biosolids Fertilizer Sparks Damages Lawsuit

February 20, 2024

Suit Charges Fertilizer Maker Synagro with Poisoning Farms and Livestock

Texas Farms Poisoned by PFAS-Laden Biosolid Fertilizers

February 16, 2024

Johnson County Holds Hearing to Warn Citizens About Synagro’s Biosolids

EPA Conceals PFAS Health Info as Trade Secret

February 15, 2024

Lawsuit Demands Release of Data on PFAS in Fluorinated Containers

Point Reyes Sweetheart Cattle Leases are Illegal

February 12, 2024

Dairy and Beef Ranches on Seashore Pay Far Below Fair Market Value

Supersonic Climate Impacts No Concern for NASA

January 11, 2024

Agency Has Not Come to Grips with Eco-Consequences of Supersonic Flight

Feds Put Minnesota DNR Logging on a Short Leash

January 10, 2024

Prior Certification: No Wildlife/Aquatic Habitat Harm in Timber Projects

Poor National Park Service Morale Shows Scant Improvement

December 19, 2023

Staff Skeptical of Top Leadership’s Integrity, Credibility, and Competence

Feds Promise Abusive Administrative Leave Crackdown

November 28, 2023

Lawsuit Threat Prompts Move to Finally Enforce 2016 Anti-Limbo Law

CPSC Scientific Integrity Plan Has a Screw Loose

November 27, 2023

Consumer Product Safety Commission Seeks to Muzzle Its Researchers

Santa Susana Slated to Remain Major Ecological Hazard

November 21, 2023

Post Cleanup Toxics Will Subject Wildlife to “Observable Adverse Effects”

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