Protecting Public Health

Environmental and health specialists are heartsick over the malfeasance of their agencies in failing to protect the health of children, workers and the public at large. We expose information about the effects of environmental toxins on public health, challenge industry capture of our regulatory agencies, and fight for an effective safety net to protect us from dangerous toxins.

The EPA is failing to protect the public from the health risks of this new class of chemicals.

The dangers of artificial turf such as toxic chemicals and carcinogens, including PFAS, are well documented.

Clean-ups of Superfund and other toxic sites are often mishandled by the EPA and state governments

The EPA is failing to protect the public from the health risks of this new class of chemicals.

The US Chemical Safety Board is failing in its duty to monitor, investigate and report on chemical safety accidents in the U.S.

Pesticides threaten public health as well as bees and other pollinators which sustain flowering plants and our food supply

Contaminated soil, air borne pollutants and toxic building materials should have no place in our schools.

Preventing the next pandemic by understanding the threat of zoonotic diseases and protecting public health experts from political influence and pressure. 

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PFAS in Colorado: Fact Sheet

PFAS are a man-made chemical that are used in the manufacture of consumer goods including cookware, flame-retardants, waterproofing, furniture and take out containers.

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PEERMail | Losing Our Voices

The Federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic is largely lead by non-scientists in the Offices of Public Affairs with public health officials used as props

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