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Whales on the Brink of Extinction

At least three large whale species in U.S. waters are on the brink of extinction, with more listed as endangered. Preventable ship strikes are the leading cause of death for many of these species.

Despite these looming extinctions, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration lacks a coherent strategy to minimize these collisions. To address this problem, PEER and The Ocean Foundation have petitioned NOAA to create Whale Safety Zones for all large ships entering or leaving U.S. ports or transiting marine sanctuaries and monuments.

While in these Whale Safety Zones, ships must reduce their speed and take other whale avoidance measures that studies show sharply reduce whale mortality.

Unfortunately, whale deaths are expected to grow due to increased ship traffic, bigger ships traveling through whale habitats, and faster speeds. But NOAA can make a difference by instituting Whale Safety Zones.

We cannot allow whales to go extinct. NOAA must act now. We hope you can help us with this effort. 

Action on PFAS in Drinking Water

University of Albany Campus photo

U.S. EPA’s proposed drinking water standards for 6 PFAS chemicals do not go far enough, according to PEER. PFAS are widely found in pesticides, fertilizers, artificial turf, cleaning products, clothing, carpets, baby items, and personal hygiene and make-up products. Read More»

BLM Exemptions Threaten Sage Grouse

BLM law Enforcement Alaska

PEER and 10 other major environmental and conservation organizations have asked the Bureau of Land Management to cease issuing waivers of habitat protections in Wyoming until the agency can assess the impacts to sage grouse habitat. BLM waivers, sometimes called “exemptions,” allow oil and gas and other industry activities in areas set aside to protect sage grouse and migratory raptors. Read More»

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