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What This Election Means

With the mid-term elections right around the corner, the economy, inflation, a woman’s right to choose, and the state of our democracy are on a lot of people’s minds.

There is a lot at stake in these elections. The outcome will not only have a great impact on these hot-button issues but also on how our elected leaders treat public employees and the institutions that protect our environment.

We’re heartened to see that in poll after poll most of the public supports strong action on climate change, they care deeply about protecting our public lands, and they want greater government oversight of toxic chemicals. And while trust in the government is at all-time lows, the public’s view of federal workers remains largely positive.

But we know these views don’t translate easily into good policy decisions.

That’s one of the reasons why this election will be so consequential, and why, whatever the outcome, we must not let up on our work supporting public servants in their efforts to protect our environment.


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BLM law Enforcement Alaska

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