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Colorado bill aims to plug holes in the state’s past “forever chemical” bans

by Colorado Sun | February 29, 2024
Colorado legislators want to close loopholes in a ban on “forever chemicals” in many consumer products that was passed in 2022, saying the cost to filter out PFAS is overwhelming water treatment agencies and other states have moved faster in regulation. About 21,000 industrial sites in ...

EPA rejects Colorado permits for Weld County oil complex, citing problems in ozone fight

by Colorado Sun | February 7, 2024
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has rejected four Colorado-issued air pollution permits at Weld County oil and gas processing sites, saying the state must rewrite the permits to ensure ozone-causing chemicals are burned off before hitting the atmosphere. Environmental advocates ...

The Biden administration wants to make conservation equal to ranching and mining in the West. The GOP won’t have it.

by Colorado Sun | June 22, 2023
The whistleblower group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility says it questions the BLM’s ability to apply land health standards on all lands, not just grazing lands, particularly when “approximately 1/3 of the grazing lands, nearly 41 million acres, are unassessed,” it ...

What do the EPA’s new drinking water limits for PFAS, or “forever chemicals,” mean for Colorado?

by Colorado Sun | March 15, 2023
Advocates of tougher PFAS regulation urged the EPA and other federal agencies to make grants and low-cost loans available to local water districts to build new systems. Billions of dollars for drinking water were included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act ...

New EPA guidelines on PFAS “forever chemicals” put Frisco far over drinking water limits

by Colorado Sun | July 12, 2022
The EPA’s weeks-old revised guidelines, which are not meant to be enforceable local regulations but guidance for state water officials, “are saying there is virtually no safe level of PFOA and PFOS,” two discontinued varieties of the common consumer and firefighting chemicals, said ...
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