Colorado Sun

Former mining company attorney regularly granted a past client exemptions as Colorado’s head of air pollution control, records show

by Colorado Sun | April 28, 2021
“The director of the state’s Air Pollution Control Division repeatedly signed off on exemptions to pollution limits for the world’s largest gold miner, Newmont Corp. — a company that he previously represented as an attorney in private practice, according to state records. “ ...

Colorado attorney general launches probe of whistleblowers’ air-pollution control complaints

by Colorado Sun | April 26, 2021
“The Colorado Attorney General’s Office is hiring an independent investigator to probe whistleblower allegations that the state health department’s Air Pollution Control Division failed to properly enforce EPA air quality standards. Chandra Rosenthal, an attorney for one of the ...

Colorado air pollution control managers ordered staff to falsify data and approve permits “at all costs,” whistleblowers say

by Colorado Sun | March 30, 2021
“State air pollution control managers endangered the health of Coloradans by unlawfully approving noxious gas permits for industry without federally-mandated modeling or monitoring, according to a whistleblowing complaint filed Tuesday by technical employees inside the agency. The ...
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