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Colorado finds “forever chemicals” PFAS in 100% of fish sampled in three big counties

by Colorado Sun | April 22, 2022
Fountain, where the El Paso fish samples were taken, had to shut down its municipal water supply in 2015 after PFAS was detected, replacing it with supplies from a cleaner Pueblo Reservoir. The city eventually began treating its water sources with PFAS-removing materials supplied by the U ...

Colorado will have hundreds more air pollution sources to permit. Here’s how the state is gearing up.

by Colorado Sun | April 13, 2022
Lack of pollution modeling staff and permitting procedures too friendly to industrial polluters were among the criticisms leveled at the health department by internal whistleblowers in 2021. The whistleblowers, from the Air Pollution Control Division’s modeling staff, asked the EPA ...

As “forever chemical” concerns mount, Colorado lawmakers move to ban product sales

by Colorado Sun | March 24, 2022
Colorado may have the largest number of sites in the nation that have handled PFAS chemicals, due to firefighting drills and operations at military installations, mountain wildland firefighting, and from PFAS chemicals in firefighting and other industrial materials at oil and gas ...

Colorado may have more sites with dangerous “forever chemicals” than any other state

by Colorado Sun | October 17, 2021
“Colorado may have more locations where dangerous PFAS “forever chemicals” are stored and used than any other state in the U.S., according to a database released by the EPA after challenges from a watchdog group. About 21,000 industrial sites in Colorado appear on the previously ...

Whistleblowers raised valid concerns about Colorado air pollution monitoring, probe finds, but problems were unintentional

by Colorado Sun | September 24, 2021
The whistleblower’s initial complaint to the EPA’s Office of Inspector General is still under investigation, according to the whistleblower attorneys at Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, or PEER. The report “seems to be technically proficient but it is going out of ...
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