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Feeble NPS E-Bike Assessment Sheds Little Light on Impacts

July 20, 2023

Park Service Review Dodges Wildlife, User Conflict, Fire, and Other Effects

EPA Criminal Enforcement Sputters Back to Life

July 12, 2023

FY 23 Uptick After Enforcement Levels Hit Generational Lows Under Biden

CSB Should Recoup Improper Payments to Ex-Chair

Trump Appointee Racked Up Nearly $100,000 in Unauthorized Expenses

Do Bears Get Shot in the Woods?

June 28, 2023

Alaska Won’t Release Photos of Aerial Slaughter of Nearly 100 Brown Bears

BLM Conservation Rule Not Ready for Prime Time

June 27, 2023

Agency Lacks Capacity to Accomplish Intended Conservation Goals

NOAA Ducks Responsibility in Alaska King Crab Collapse

June 21, 2023

Overfishing Driven by Inflated Population Estimates Doomed Red King Crab

Navy Refuses to Probe Hunters Point Toxic Disinformation

June 15, 2023

Navy IG Won’t Review False Statements on Sr-90 Levels in “Clean” Parcel

Feds Subsidizing Slaughter of Wild Predators

June 14, 2023

Alaska Agents in Helicopters Shoot 100 Bears to Bolster Game Population

PEER and CEH Ask Court to Immediately Stop Unlawful PFAS Formation

June 13, 2023

Motion seeks to stop violations of federal law that are exposing millions of Americans to dangerous PFAS in fluorinated plastic containers

National Park Chooses Carrying Capacity over Crowding

June 8, 2023

Mt. Rainier Openly Considers When Limits Needed to Save Park Resources

Cell Tower Casts Shade on Bryce Canyon Centennial

June 7, 2023

Regional Office Steamrolled over Park Management and Staff Objections

EPA Must Remove PFAS from Plastic Containers

May 23, 2023

New Analysis Demonstrates Health Risks to Millions of Americans Using Plastic Containers

Colorado’s Air Quality Doomed to Get Worse

May 18, 2023

Gutted Reform Bill and New Regs Offer Nothing to Stem Downward Spiral

STATEMENT | DOJ Falls Short on Protecting the Public from Unsafe Exposure to PFAS Chemicals

May 17, 2023

In their request for a declaratory judgement against Inhance, the DOJ failed to seek an injunction to stop Inhance’s unlawful and dangerous conduct in producing PFAS.

Sharp Reduction of Air Tours Slated for Two Hawaii Parks

Current Incessant Overflight Levels Deemed Incompatible with Park Values

Commercial Air Tours to End at Mt. Rushmore & Badlands

Continued Swarms of Overflights Deemed Incompatible with Park Values

Pressure Mounts on EPA to Curb Bee-Killing Pesticides

May 11, 2023

New Reports and Findings Strip Away Agency’s Leeway for Further Evasion

BLM’s Sketchy Satellite-Based Range Management

May 4, 2023

Agency Sets the Stage to Renew 1, 372 Montana Grazing Allotments Renewed in One Fell Swoop – No NEPA

High Levels of Dangerous ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in California’s Most-Used Insecticide

May 2, 2023

40% of Tested Agricultural Pesticide Products Contain PFAS

EPA Needs a Transparent Public Process for Inhance PFAS SNUNS

April 20, 2023

Unclear comment and review deadlines, heavy redactions, and disorganized files are blocking meaningful comments on alarming PFAS risks

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