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Tim Whitehouse

NOAA Trashes Seabeds It Studies

August 29, 2022

Call for NOAA to End Research Bottom Trawling in Gulf of Mexico

Testing Reveals High Levels of PFAS in Tennessee Fertilizer

August 15, 2022

Music City Gold is a home fertilizer made with Nashville sewage waste

Eco-Studies Releasing Most Potent Greenhouse Gas

NSF Projects in Parks and Forests Pump Pounds of SF6 into Atmosphere

Plastic-Free National Parks Are Needed Now

August 9, 2022

Drive Launched to Remove Plastic Bottles in Two – Not Ten –Years

EPA Routinely Ignores Chemical Risk Calculations

August 2, 2022

Workers imperiled by failures to flag serious known hazards.

National Park Air Tour Plans Late and Off-Course

July 26, 2022

First 2 Overflight Limits OKed; 20 Behind Schedule, Most Lack Eco-Reviews

Interior Has Bad Case of Climate “Cow Blindness”

July 25, 2022

Failure to Address Commercial Livestock Climate Impacts Invites Lawsuits

EPA Corrupted Pesticide Risk Assessment to Aid Industry

July 21, 2022

IG Found Managers Trampled Standard Procedures to Diminish Cancer Risk

Florida’s Waters Awash in Sewage Spills

July 20, 2022

Under DeSantis, More Inspections, More Pollution but Less Enforcement

National Park Ranger Ranks Spread Dangerously Thin

July 19, 2022

Rescues Soar, Crime Rises in National Parks Lacking Enforcement Plans

EPA Validates Colorado Air Whistleblowers’ Charge

July 15, 2022

State Directed to Fix Illegal Permits and Cease Enabling Pollution Evasions

Court Puts National Park Overflights on Tight Leash

June 28, 2022

Agencies Taken to Task for Violating Air Tour Management Plan Deadlines

EPA Flunks PFAS Chemistry Test

June 27, 2022

New Advisories Ignore Precursors That Transform into Most Toxic Fluorinated Chemicals

Minnesota Power Plant Must Undergo Environmental Review

June 23, 2022

Public Utilities Commission Agrees with Petitioners that New Oil-Fired Unit Must Be Studied Under MEPA

BLM Oil Exemptions Undercut Sage Grouse Safeguards

June 21, 2022

More Than 80 Waivers from Just 3 Field Offices Prompt Call for Inquiry and Lawsuit

Trump Holdover’s Hasty Exit Not Fast Enough

June 17, 2022

Chemical Safety Board Chair Lemos Resigns but Wants to Stay Thru July 22

EPA Takes First Baby Steps on PFAS

June 14, 2022

Nonregulatory Health Advisories on Just Four of Thousands of PFAS

Gaping Hole in Biden PFAS Strategy

June 10, 2022

Documents Show EPA Has No Consistent Definition of PFAS

Opposition Mounts to Newsom-Boeing Sweetheart Deal

June 8, 2022

Water Board Hearing on Santa Susana Cleanup Axed as Localities Protest

Newsom Muscling Boeing Sweetheart Deal Through

Water Board Chair Replaced by Former Boeing Consultant Before Hearing

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