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Tim Whitehouse

UN Bans Mercury Satellite Propellants Under New Minamata Treaty Provisions

March 28, 2022

Just one communications network using the technology could result in hundreds of metric tons of mercury releases into the upper atmosphere.

Lack of Scientists Dooms EPA Chemical Reviews

March 24, 2022

Crippling Staff Shortage in Chemical Safety Work Continues in 2022 Budget

Park Service Eliminates Public Notice of New Cell Towers

March 22, 2022

Public Shut Out of Review of Telecom Expansion as 5G Era Dawns

“Garden Pathway” Needed for Toxic Cleanups

March 15, 2022

Safe Fruit & Vegetable Cultivation Should Be EPA Remediation Yardstick

Agency Records Paint Bleak Picture of Western Landscape

March 14, 2022

New Map Shows Harmful Impacts of BLM Livestock Grazing Program

Another Record Manatee Mortality Year Unfolding

March 11, 2022

400 Manatee Perish in First Two Months as Seagrasses Continue Retreat

FAA Blows Court Deadlines for Park Air Tour Limits

March 10, 2022

Overflight Plans for 8 Major National Parks Due This August Not Close

False Artificial Turf Recycling Claims Ripped

March 7, 2022

FTC Enforcement Urged to End Deceptive Turf Industry Greenwashing

Florida’s Seagrass Under Relentless Pollution Assault

March 3, 2022

Florida’s Fabled “Forgotten Coast” Beset by Torrent of Sewage Violations

Biden Estimate of “Conserved” Waters Inflated

March 1, 2022

Almost All 30×30 Waters in Remote Pacific; Scant Safeguards for the Rest

Does Biden Consider Artificial Turf “Conserved” Land?

February 22, 2022

Lawsuit to Uncover Turf Industry Greenwashing in 30×30 Conservation Plan

Maryland Renewable Energy Program’s Dirty Rip-Off

February 21, 2022

MD Ratepayers Subsidize Polluting Energy at Premium Prices

Illegal Colorado Air Pollution Permits Targeted

February 15, 2022

First Major Test for State’s New Environmental Justice Action Task Force

Media Advisory | Wyoming BLM Whistleblower Hearing: February 15

February 9, 2022

Hearing challenging removal of BLM environmental specialist Walter Loewen charging retaliation for his disclosing agency environmental violations.

Boeing Money Preceded Waiver of Pollution Penalties

February 7, 2022

Water Board Chair Reaped Boeing Cash Before Woolsey Fire Fines Forgiven

2022 Begins Another Deadly Year for Manatees

February 4, 2022

High Toll in January Adds Cold Stress as Another Factor Driving Mortality

“Forever Chemical” Disposal Becoming Eco-Nightmare

January 27, 2022

EPA Data Depict Vast Uncontrolled and Spreading Web of PFAS Waste

EPA Belatedly Posts Industry Chemical Safety Warnings

January 26, 2022

PEER Suit Prompts EPA to Unearth Over 1,300 Industry Chem Substantial Risk Reports

EPA’s Lax Methane Stance Decried

January 25, 2022

EPA’s 100-Year Standard for Methane Minimizes Climate Change Impact

Pollution Prosecution Plunge Continues under Biden

January 24, 2022

EPA Criminal Referrals, Prosecutions, and Convictions Not Rebounding

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