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Traveler’s View: E-Bikes And Safety Concerns

by National Parks Traveler | August 14, 2023
A recent news article raises concerns about a controversial issue when it comes to the National Park System: e-Bikes and your safety. The story raises the question of how the National Park Service will regulate e-Bikes in the parks. As we reported last month, Public Employees for ...

Groups Call On Interior Secretary To Officially Restrict e-Bikes’ Access In National Parks

by National Parks Traveler | August 3, 2023
“Secretarial Orders that remain on the books are supposed to be authoritative, not relics of dead policies,” said Peter Jenkins, senior counsel for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, noting that the Biden administration has already rescinded at least five pre-existing ...

Park Service Criticized On eBike Studies Across the National Park System

by National Parks Traveler | July 21, 2023
While the National Park Service has been studying the impacts of eBikes in the National Park System, the agency really knows little about the impacts on the environment or on other trail users, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. The draft “programmatic ...

National Park Service Studying Impacts Of eBikes

by National Parks Traveler | June 21, 2023
“How does this affect the rest of the public visiting a park? We want to make sure everyone has a great experience,” she added. “What does (an eBike) do to everyone else’s experience there? That’s why there needs to be a rulemaking and public comment. Depending on what this ...

National Park Service Opposes Legislation To Allow Fixed Climbing Anchors In Wilderness

by National Parks Traveler | April 4, 2023
Opposition to that change came from The Access Fund, a national advocacy organization for the climbing community. Drawing the organization’s ire was a requirement that a permit be obtained before a fixed anchor was placed along a climbing route in official or potential wilderness. ...
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