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Date: July 26, 2022


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COMMENTARY | Artificial Turf – A Plague on the Earth

Like a nasty rash, artificial turf has spread beyond sports fields to urban lawns, schoolyards, and parks.

“Forever Chemicals” Disposal is Creating a Health Nightmare

EPA is Failing to Control Spreading Web of PFAS Waste

Colorado’s Air Pollution Program Broken and Adrift

State’s Air Quality Worsens While Cosmetic Changes Ignore Core Problems

Lawsuit Probes Oak Ridge Clean Water Waiver

What Did EPA Administrator Regan Know When He Overruled His Experts?

Petition to EPA – NO2 and SO2-NAAQS – 10-04-2023 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Petition for Rulemaking to Establish Increments for the 1-hour Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide ...

PEERMail | Holding Polluters Accountable

It takes constant oversight by advocacy groups to make sure the government holds polluters accountable.

More Oil and Gas Wells Illegally Permitted in Colorado

Conservation groups petition EPA to step in and protect air quality

STATEMENT | IG Report Finds EPA New Chemical Review Process Badly Broken

EPA has not complied with applicable record keeping and quality assurance requirements when implementing its New ...

EPA Plays Political Shell Game on PFAS Definition

No Sound Scientific Basis Available for Any of the Changing Definitions

EPA Criminal Enforcement Sputters Back to Life

FY 23 Uptick After Enforcement Levels Hit Generational Lows Under Biden

Navy Refuses to Probe Hunters Point Toxic Disinformation

Navy IG Won’t Review False Statements on Sr-90 Levels in “Clean” Parcel

PEER and CEH Ask Court to Immediately Stop Unlawful PFAS Formation

Motion seeks to stop violations of federal law that are exposing millions of Americans to dangerous PFAS in ...

PEERMail | A Tempered Victory for Clean Air

EPA rejects a Trump-era proposal that would have lifted Clean Air Act regulations on two types of plastic recycling.

EPA Must Remove PFAS from Plastic Containers

New Analysis Demonstrates Health Risks to Millions of Americans Using Plastic Containers

STATEMENT | DOJ Falls Short on Protecting the Public from Unsafe Exposure to PFAS Chemicals

In their request for a declaratory judgement against Inhance, the DOJ failed to seek an injunction to stop ...

Pressure Mounts on EPA to Curb Bee-Killing Pesticides

New Reports and Findings Strip Away Agency’s Leeway for Further Evasion

PEERMail | Pesticide Problems Grow

Pesticides have devastating effects on wildlife, human health, and many rural economies

High Levels of Dangerous ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in California’s Most-Used Insecticide

40% of Tested Agricultural Pesticide Products Contain PFAS

EPA Needs a Transparent Public Process for Inhance PFAS SNUNS

Unclear comment and review deadlines, heavy redactions, and disorganized files are blocking meaningful comments on ...

Gold Mine Expansion OK Shows Broken Air Permit Process

Colorado Refuses to Fix Major Underlying Flaws in Approving New Permit

PFAS Fluorinated Container Citizens’ Suit Dismissed Without Prejudice

Groups Plan Intervention in EPA Lawsuit Against Inhance Technologies

Hunters Point Festering Radiation Waste Woes

Navy Statements Mask Seriousness of Remaining Parcel G Contamination

Waste Incinerators’ Toxic Output Should Be Reported

Incinerator Chemical Releases Not Included in EPA Toxics Release Inventory

COMMENTARY | Letter to the EPA: Take Action on “Devil’s Bargain” Pesticides

The environment needs protection from neonic-coated seeds, which are by far the broadest pesticide/insecticide ...

Organizations Push to Get PFAS out of Plastic Containers

EPA must ban fluorination process that creates PFAS in plastics

COMMENTARY | The EPA is Hiding Behind Industry Secrets

This Sunshine Week, we discuss the use of “Confidential Business Information” to hide health and safety ...

STATEMENT | EPA’s Action on PFAS in Drinking Water

EPA’s chemical-by-chemical approach leaves the public unprotected from the vast majority of toxic but unregulated PFAS.

PEERMail | Reversing a Shocking Pesticides Decision

Because the overuse of pesticides is a significant cause of pollinator collapse, we are in this battle for the long term.

Scientific Basis for EPA’s Definition of PFAS Still Missing

Europe and Canada Embrace Inclusive PFAS Definitions While U.S. Dithers

Broadly Supported Petition Urges EPA Reforms for Bee and Bird-Killing Pesticides

Neonicotinoid insecticides targeted for wreaking eco-havoc despite lack of economic benefits

COMMENTARY | EPA Asks for Comment on PFAS Data It Won’t Release

EPA is asking the public to comment on fluorination of plastics but keeping important materials, including health ...

National Park Fossils May Block Big Transmission Line

Tule Springs Paleo Survey Results Complicate Controversial Greenlink Route

Groups Call on EPA to Ban Plastic Fluorination that Creates PFAS

EPA Must Release Withheld Health and Safety Studies

PFAS in Plastic Containers Should Not Be Confidential

Groups Urge EPA to Inform the Public of the Presence of Unsafe PFAS in Fluorinated Containers

PEERMail | We Are Suing to Prevent Further PFAS Contamination

Handling or using fluorinated containers could be a significant pathway for unsafe human exposure to PFOA and other PFAS.

Tens of Millions of Plastic Containers Treated with Fluorine Gas Leach Toxic PFAS Chemicals into Art and Cleaning Supplies, Food, and Other Household Products

Nonprofit Organizations File Suit Against Inhance Technologies to Stop Violations of U.S. EPA Regulations

EPA Cannot Retrieve Text Message Content

New “Deprovisioning Process” for Employees to “Wipe” Mobile Devices

EPA Scientific Integrity Program Lacks Integrity

Unable to Document Claimed Successes; Complaints Pending Since 2015

COMMENTARY | Why This Mining Permit Should Fail

Should an agency's misbehavior invalidate their decisions? When it comes to mining permits in Minnesota, PEER thinks so.

Letter to EPA Region 8 – Next Steps on Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment – 11-11-2022 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to EPA Region 8 Administrator KC Becker requesting meeting on Colorado Department of Public ...

Substantial PFAS Contamination Found in Pesticides in Colorado

Threat to Food Chain Justifies Colorado Ban of All Pesticides Containing PFAS

Colorado Balks at EPA Ozone Reducing Recommendations

State Resists Reforms Identified by Whistleblowers and Confirmed by EPA

COMMENTARY | EPA Continues to Exempt the Most Widespread Bee- and Bird-Killing Insecticides

EPA continues to fail to regulate bee and bird killing pesticides, particularly those used to coat crop seeds.

Fumigant Decision Shows EPA Science at Its Worst

EPA Doubles Down on Mistakes Despite Whistleblower and IG Critiques

Boeing’s Weak Santa Susana Cleanup Triggers Lawsuit

Sweetheart Deal Negotiated Behind Closed Doors Violates CEQA Mandates

EPA Says Hunters Point Will Never Be Fully Cleaned

EPA Plans to Ignore Prop P Mandate and Its Own Superfund Standards

PEERMail | Shocking News on Pesticides

PEER is urgently asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ban the use of PFAS in pesticides

COMMENTARY | “Climate Smart” Agriculture Requires Better Environmental Assessments

USDA should skip playing the markets and allow for greater public input as it develops its climate programs

Substantial PFAS Contamination Found in Pesticides

Threat to Food Chain Justifies Ban of All Pesticides Containing PFAS

PEERMail | Save the EPA

On September 20, 2022, thousands of people from around the country will take part in a rally outside of the EPA ...

Food Supply Chain Imperiled by PFAS-Laden Barrels

EPA Confirms PFAS in Fluorinated Containers Leach into Contents

COMMENTARY | The Worst Kind of Backroom Deal

It is time to work to stop the Manchin-Schumer side deal to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

EPA’s Belated PFAS Pesticide Ingredient Ban Does Little

Banning a Dozen Inert Ingredients Does Not Stem PFAS Agricultural Spread

STATEMENT | EPA’s PFOA and PFOS Hazardous Substances Designation Under CERCLA Proposal

Today's actions by the EPA do nothing to stem the tide of future Superfund sites caused by toxic PFAS contamination

COMMENTARY | PFAS Contamination Study Yields Frightening Results

Environmental contamination of PFAS has exceeded a new planetary boundary or environmental limits within which ...

EPA Routinely Ignores Chemical Risk Calculations

Workers imperiled by failures to flag serious known hazards.

EPA Corrupted Pesticide Risk Assessment to Aid Industry

IG Found Managers Trampled Standard Procedures to Diminish Cancer Risk

COMMENTARY | Environmental Whistleblowers and the Need for Change at EPA

Environmental whistleblowers may not grab the nation's attention but they are vital to creating meaningful ...

EPA Flunks PFAS Chemistry Test

New Advisories Ignore Precursors That Transform into Most Toxic Fluorinated Chemicals

EPA Takes First Baby Steps on PFAS

Nonregulatory Health Advisories on Just Four of Thousands of PFAS

Gaping Hole in Biden PFAS Strategy

Documents Show EPA Has No Consistent Definition of PFAS

COMMENTARY | New Mexico Dairy Farmers’ Toxic Fight

A new Mexico Dairy farmer who lost his entire herd to PFAS contamination is yet another tragic example of the ...

Public Comment on Polymet Mine Permit – Fond du Lac Band’s Objection – 06-16-2022 (PDF)

PEER’s comment to the Army Corps of Engineers regarding the Fond du Lac Band’s Objection to the Proposed Clean ...

COMMENTARY | Fighting Government Secrecy

Government agencies are coming up short in their stewardship of environmental information, and that is having real ...

Letter to EPA and Colorado DPHE- Review of Civil Rights Compliance – 05-09-2022 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: PEER letter on state of Colorado’s air permitting program with regard to EPA’s nondiscrimination ...

COMMENTARY | EPA’s Myth of Scientific Integrity

The EPA keeps paying lip service to scientific integrity but reality, and the experiences of scientists at EPA, is ...

PEERMail | Getting a Grip on Toxic Chemicals

As thousands of communities throughout the country find their water and food contaminated on with PFAS, the ...

EPA Sued Over Failure to Explain Its Narrow PFAS Definition

EPA’s Definition Misses Many Toxic and Persistent Chemicals

Letter to Sec. Deb Haaland – NODAP at Dept of Interior – 04-19-2022 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: PEER letter to Secretary Deb Haaland on Interior's continued use of the harsh personnel policy known ...

EPA Scientist Survey Yields Horrific Results

Scientist Feedback Scathing, Not Shared with Staff

Lack of Scientists Dooms EPA Chemical Reviews

Crippling Staff Shortage in Chemical Safety Work Continues in 2022 Budget

COMMENTARY | EPA Sets Low Bar on Chemical Safety – And Trips Over It

EPA staff are under pressure, and often retaliated against, to remove chemical hazard information and to keep ...

“Garden Pathway” Needed for Toxic Cleanups

Safe Fruit & Vegetable Cultivation Should Be EPA Remediation Yardstick

COMMENTARY | EPA Releases PFAS Contamination Information

After PEER FOIAs and a lawsuit, EPA releases a trove of information on PFAS contamination throughout the United ...

“Forever Chemical” Disposal Becoming Eco-Nightmare

EPA Data Depict Vast Uncontrolled and Spreading Web of PFAS Waste

COMMENTARY | Startling New EPA Data on PFAS Waste Disposal

Recently obtained data from EPA documents what is likely only a small fraction of the generation and disposal of ...

EPA Belatedly Posts Industry Chemical Safety Warnings

PEER Suit Prompts EPA to Unearth Over 1,300 Industry Chem Substantial Risk Reports

EPA’s Lax Methane Stance Decried

EPA’s 100-Year Standard for Methane Minimizes Climate Change Impact

Pollution Prosecution Plunge Continues under Biden

EPA Criminal Referrals, Prosecutions, and Convictions Not Rebounding

Implementation of the Minor Source Permitting Program in Colorado – 01-05-2022 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Presentation on the Implementation of the Minor Source Permitting Program in Colorado from 2010 - ...

EPA Tunes Out Industry’s Chemical Safety Alarms

Lawsuit to Excavate 1,200+ Buried Industry Chemical Hazard Reports

Expertise Gaps Plague EPA Chemical Assessments

EPA Lacks Plan to Fill or Retain Critical Scientific Specialist Positions

EPA Hid Cancer Danger of “Green” Chemical It Promotes

Auto Workers and Consumers Exposed without Any Health Warnings

EPA Sued Over Refusal to Regulate Corrosive 9/11 Dust

Suit Seeks Redress for 9/11 First Responders Suffering Respiratory Injuries

COMMENTARY | Curing EPA’s Culture of Corruption

Instead of wasting resources to stamp out dissent, EPA needs to clean up corruption in its management chain.

COMMENTARY | To Regulate “Super Greenhouse Gases” Congress Must Act

Congressional action is needed reduce the use of Sulfur Hexafluoride, the most potent “super greenhouse gas” known ...

Letter to Charles Sams – NPS Voices Survey – 11-15-2021 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to regarding the NPS Voices listening tour and report identifying culture of employee ...

COMMENTARY | Is EPA Playing with Funny Numbers in its Methane Proposal?

The EPA is undervaluing the short term Global Warming Potential of methane gas in its most recent regulation proposal.

EPA Employees Pan State of Scientific Integrity

Many in New Survey Report Misconduct, Retaliation, and Feelings of Futility  

PEERMail | Reversing EPA’s Pesticide Failures

EPA needs good scientists who want to work in environments where they feel supported and respected, even in the ...

Letter to House Subcommittee – Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act – 10-26-2021 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Implementation of the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act TO: House Energy ...

EPA’s Pesticides Office Labeled as a Failure

Groups Push Array of Immediate Reforms

EPA’s PFAS Action Plan A Dud

Response Too Weak and Limited to Protect Public Health 

PEERMail | From PFAS to Climate Change: Are we Moving Forward Yet?

While we have many reasons to be optimistic, the Biden Administration's environmental actions so far are falling short.

California May Have Second Most PFAS Sites of Any State

EPA Identifies 120,000 Potential PFAS Sites in U.S. – Far More Than Ever  

EPA Identifies More Than 120,000 Potential PFAS Sites in U.S.  

Limited Reporting and Growing Corporate Secrecy Blur Clearer Picture   

Colorado May Have the Most PFAS Sites of Any State  

EPA Identifies Around 120,000 Potential PFAS Sites in U.S. – Far More Than Ever  

Revealed | EPA Data on potential PFAS Sites

The scale of potential PFAS problems is several times larger than previously understood - more than 120,000 ...

COMMENTARY | EPA Needs to Change Methane Rules

EPA now needs to update its rules for methane – and ground those rules in the 20-year outlook that the latest ...
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