Wild Horses

Wild horses and burros in eleven Western states enjoy protection under the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971. Yet as grazing by domestic livestock continues through advancing drought and climate change, these feral ungulates—along with native wildlife—are feeling the pinch of degraded habitats, mismanagement on federal lands and depleted food and water sources.

Horses to Slaughter — Anatomy of a Coverup within the BLM (April 1997)


The Mojave desert tortoise of California is at risk due to habitat destruction from illegal and excessive grazing. Both the BLM and the National Park Service failed to monitor and report on the impact of grazing as well as off-road vehicle use on the status of the tortoise and other vulnerable species. The BLM grazing restrictions put in place after a long court battle to protect the tortoise have been lifted. 


Barbaric Hunting Practices on Alaska Preserves Okayed

Trump Repeal of Wildlife Protections in “Sport” Hunting Left Largely Intact

Alaska Park Bear Baiting Ban Stalls

Litigation Resumes as Biden’s Wildlife Protections Remain in Limbo

Letter to U.S. House Representatives – Opposition to H.R. 615 -4-29-2024 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to U.S. House Representatives Regarding Opposition to H.R. 615 TO: U.S. House ...

Right Whale Entanglement Peril Far More Extensive Than Previously Known

Even “Minor” Entanglements Push Species Closer to Extinction

Comment – FWS Proposed Rules for National Wildlife Refuge System – 3-4-2024 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Written comments to FWS regarding proposed rulemaking and policy updates for the National Wildlife ...

PETITION | Support EPA reforms for Bee and Bird Killing Pesticides

Petition to the U.S. EPA Office of Pesticide Programs to protect wildlife and waterways by implementing stricter ...

PEERMail | Federal Judge Upholds Removal of Louisiana Black Bear Protections

A judge has upheld the Fish and Wildlife Service’s removal of the Louisiana black bear from endangered species status.

PEERMail | Wildlife Management: Alaska Edition

Effective, humane wildlife management is critical but Alaska is being hit with a double shot of poor management - ...

Letter to USFWS – Phase-Out of Lead Ammo and Fishing Tackle – 06-27-2023 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to USFWS for their proposed phase-out of lead ammunition and fishing tackle on eight National ...

Feds Subsidizing Slaughter of Wild Predators

Alaska Agents in Helicopters Shoot 100 Bears to Bolster Game Population

US budget riders compromise conservation

The use of appropriations riders as shortcuts to pass policies to circumvent environmental laws put endangered ...

Statement of Support – Colorado Legislation HB1036 – 02-03-2023 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Statement of support of Colorado legislation HB1036 - a bill designed to encourage the use of ...

PEERMail | Stop Scamming Federal Wildlife Aid

PEER’s work in Alaska is part of a broader effort to end federal support for ruinous and cruel wildlife management ...

Alaska Misuses Federal Wildlife Aid on Killing Predators

Penalize Alaska for Diverting Conservation Dollars to Intensive Management

COMMENTARY | Park Service’s Inhumane Inertia

The Biden administration has left several disastrous Trump policies in place - from allowing inhumane hunting ...

PEERMail | Banning Lead Ammunition in National Parks

One of the great tragedies of lead ammunition is the widespread poisoning it causes to wildlife.

COMMENTARY | Countering the Western War on Wolves

A science-based approach to wolf and predator management is the key to restoring ecological balance in America’s ...

USGS Inches Toward Accreditation of Wildlife Disease Lab

Independent Review to Prevent Biosafety and Animal Welfare Breakdowns

COMMENTARY | Preventing Future Zoonotic Pandemics

Four policy steps to reduce zoonotic disease risks and prevent future pandemics that stem from human interaction ...

PEERMail | Migratory Bird Whistleblower Case Goes to Judge

Whistleblower case highlights the Biden administration failing to protect employees who stood up to the excesses ...

STATEMENT | Federal Protections Restored to Gray Wolves

A federal judge today reinstated Endangered Species Act protections for the gray wolves but our work to protect ...

2022 Begins Another Deadly Year for Manatees

High Toll in January Adds Cold Stress as Another Factor Driving Mortality

Webinar | Pups and Packs: Saving Wolves in 2022

Coffee Talk Webinar Series, Episode 1: A virtual conversation about wolves and policy in the US in 2022. Watch the video!

Park Service Masks Cuts in Sea Turtle Recovery

Deceptive Press Release Omits Mentions of Rollbacks and Restrictions

PEERMail | Protecting Wildlife Comes at a Big Price for Whistleblower

Can the Biden Administration keep its promises on protecting whistleblowers? The current outlook isn't promising

BLM Fires Migratory Bird Whistleblower on Second Try

Case Is Early Litmus Test of Whether Hidebound BLM Will Be Reformed

End Federal Subsidies for States’ War on Wolves  

Move to Disqualify States from Federal Aid for Excessive Predator Removal   

Letter to Secretary Haaland – Pittman-Robertson Funding – Wolves – 09-27-2021 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland regarding rogue states receiving Pittman-Robertson funding ...

BLM Migratory Bird Whistleblower in More Hot Water   

Vendetta against Veteran Environmental Analyst Takes Strange New Turn  

COMMENTARY | Beefalo Befuddlement in Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon's plan to "lethally remove" 12 beefalo from its herd is fraught with ambiguity and lacking in ...

COMMENTARY | Migratory Birds Get a Lift with Proposed Rule Reversal

To protect migratory birds and other living things, we not only need stronger environmental laws, but stronger IGs ...

COMMENTARY | Green Energy: An Eco-Price for Fighting Climate Change

Increasing wind energy production, a necessity for clean energy goals, will impact navigation, endangered species, ...

PEERMail | BLM’s Litmust Test on Whistleblowers

After years of mismanagement and retaliation against employees who raised concerns about oil and gas projects, can ...

USGS Fires Lab Biosafety Whistleblower 

Scientist’s Year-Long Limbo Ends; Groups Push for Accrediting USGS Labs   

BLM Moves to Fire Migratory Bird Whistleblower  

Reports on Raptors Dying in Big Wyoming Oil and Gas Project Spiked 

NOAA Kisses Off Right Whale Survival  

New NOAA Finding at Odds with Science, Facts, and the Law  

Flying Sea Turtles in Crisis Is Growing Concern  

Park Service & NOAA Shrink Sea Turtle Recovery Capacity as Need Spikes 

Lawsuit Seeks Protections for Louisiana Black Bears  

Fewer than 500 “Teddy Bears” May Exist as Recovery Efforts Falter

PEER and 70 Conservation Organizations, Representing 16 Million Americans, Endorse Colorado Wolf Restoration

PEER and 70 conservation organizations have endorsed the concept of the restoration of the gray wolf to Colorado, ...

NOAA to Reduce Right Whale Aerial Surveys

Eliminating Targeted Surveys Hampers Ability to Spot Whales in Distress

Park Service Slashes Sea Turtle Rescue Program

Hatchling Releases, Stranding Response, and Research Cut at Padre Island

Plan for National Cormorant Slaughter Nears Takeoff 

Permits Would Quintuple Double-Crested Cormorant Kills to 123,000 Yearly 

NOAA Balks at Steps to Save Remaining Right Whales  

Scientists Ignored as Agency Delays Entanglement and Ship Strike Relief

Interior IG Sits on Migratory Bird Ethics Complaint

Inspector General Wants FWS Retirees to Name Those Who Complained  

WOTUS Redefinition: South Dakota

Impact of Proposed Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) Redefinition on Wetlands and Waters in South Dakota

Coyote Killing Contests Don’t Belong In National Parks

Petition Presses Cape Cod Seashore to Sharply Limit Carnivore Hunting

Wisconsin Coyote-Killing Contests Need Reining In

Groups Push for Federal Intervention to Curb Endangered Species Act Violations

Jarvis Tenure a Disaster for National Park Resources

Other Scandals Overshadowed Protection Rollbacks for Wildlife and Habitats

Congress Members Violate Ethical Rules in Lynx Case

Political Involvement in Discipline Prohibited by Hatch Act

Court Finds Cormorant Mass Killing Policy Illegal

Ruling May End Slaughter of Fish-Eating Aquatic Birds in 24 Eastern States

Lawsuit Launched Over BLM’s Failure to Report Threats to Desert Tortoise, Other Imperiled Species in California Deserts

FOR RELEASE: April 1, 2014 Media Contact: Kirsten Stade (202) 265-7337 SAN FRANCISCO— Environmental groups ...

Drowned Polar Bear Paper Vindicated – Again

Interior Rejects IG Call for Further Scientific Reviews yet Case Remains Open

Kafkaesque IG Polar Bear Report at Odds With Facts

Probe Commissioned to Plug Leaks and Root out Dissent on Arctic Offshore Drilling

Drowned Polar Bear Probe Closes With a Whimper

Unrelated Disclosures from 2007 and 2008 Dredged Up in Questionable Reprimand

Polar Bear Probe Lumbers Into Its Third Year

New IG Interviews This Week as Arctic Research Flounders in Uncertainty

Court Lets Park Service Drop Desert Tortoise Protections

Park Service Wins Legal Victory at Mojave of Which It Should Be Ashamed

Polar Bear Probe Careens in New Directions

Inspector General Claims Even More Drowned Bears Seen Than Previously Reported

Polar Bear Study Probe Falls Flat

Inspector General Concerns on Joint U.S.-Canadian Study Prove Groundless

Polar Bear Paper Remains Focus of IG Probe of Arctic Scientist

IG Refuses to Identify Criminal Charge Rejected by Justice Department

Interior Polar Bear Flap Takes Ominous New Turn

Joint Study with Canadian Researchers Halted in Inspector General Probe

Arctic Scientist Protests Witch Hunt on Polar Bear Paper

Key Studies Disrupted as Supervising Federal Scientist Suspended from Duties

Cape Wind Monitoring Plan Is for the Birds

Bird and Bat Studies Not Designed to Pick Up Meaningful Data

Park Service Reneges on Mojave Desert Tortoise Safeguard

Director Jarvis Waives National Management Policy Requiring Hunting Rules

Lawsuit to Protect Varmints in Mojave National Preserve

Park Service Shirks Duty to Regulate Hunts to Shield Tortoise & Non-Game Wildlife

Did Anyone Actually Read BP’s Oil Spill Response Plan?

Walruses and Seals, Non-Existent Equipment Lists and Other Fanciful References

Probe Into Misappropriation of Desert Tortoise Money

Former Red Cliffs Desert Reserve Administrator Charges Utah County Commission


Listing Delay Blocks Safeguards Urged by Scientists Contrary to Agency Testimony




Federal Judge Gives Secretary Norton Two Weeks to Comply


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