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Scientific Integrity Policy

Date: December 16, 2014
Series: Departmental Management
Part 305: Departmental Science Efforts
Chapter 3: Integrity of Scientific and Scholarly Activities


Department of Interior Activity

Letter to DOI and BLM – National Interagency Seed and Restoration Center – 5-15-2024 (PDF)

Letter to U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management regarding the National ...

COMMENTARY | Countdown for PEER’s Regulatory Petitions

Read the latest updates on eleven of the regulatory petitions we've worked on this year. With an election just ...

Letter to BLM Director and Attorney General – BLM’s FOIA Backlog -4-30-2024 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to BLM Director Stone Manning and Attorney General Garland Requesting to Meet Regarding BLM's ...

Letter to U.S. House Representatives – Opposition to H.R. 615 -4-29-2024 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to U.S. House Representatives Regarding Opposition to H.R. 615 TO: U.S. House ...

COMMENTARY | What will BLM’s new Public Lands Rule Mean for Conservation?

The DOI's final Public Lands Rule was designed to elevate conservation to equal status with traditional energy ...

Report on Abuse of Indian Students Finally Surfaces

Lawsuit Pried Haskell School Probe Out of Bureau of Indian Education

Comment – FWS Proposed Rules for National Wildlife Refuge System – 3-4-2024 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Written comments to FWS regarding proposed rulemaking and policy updates for the National Wildlife ...

Letter to DOI Inspector General – Exemptions of Habitat Protections -1-9-2024 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to DOI IG Greenblatt to Update Request for Investigation (Into Exemptions of Habitat ...

COMMENTARY | PEER’s Response to Interior’s Law Enforcement Report

The Department of Interior's long-awaited report highlighted the declining staffing levels within its agencies, ...

Letter to Minnesota DNR – Sustainable Timber Harvest Report – 10-24-2023 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to Minnesota DNR regarding Sustainable Timber Harvest Implementation Report TO: Commissioner ...

National Park Service Punts on Plastic Reduction

No Concrete Action for Years as Parks Ink New Plastic Bottle Concessions

Letter to CEQ Chair – Evaluating Climate Impacts of TAPS – 10-16-2023 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to CEQ Chair Brenda Mallory to request BLM and DOI to evaluate climate impacts of the ...

Letter to DOI Inspector General – Wildlife Funding vs. Timber Harvest – 10-12-2023 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to Department of Interior Inspector General regarding misallocation of Pittman-Robertson and ...

Groups Urge Interior to Do Its Homework on E-bikes

Better Impact Assessment Needed Before Unleashing E-bikes Across National Park System

Park Service Criminal Investigators Down by Nearly Half

Investigation Triage Pulls Agents from Property and Drug Trafficking Cases

Petition to Sec. Deb Haaland – Ban Lead Ammo in National Parks – 11-17-2022 (PDF) 

DESCRIPTION: Rulemaking Petition to Secretary Deb Haaland to ban the use of lead ammunition and tackle in national ...

PEERMail | Climate Change, Plastics and Our National Parks

Together, we can make plastic-free parks a reality in #2NOT10 years!

Eco-Studies Releasing Most Potent Greenhouse Gas

NSF Projects in Parks and Forests Pump Pounds of SF6 into Atmosphere

Plastic-Free National Parks Are Needed Now

Drive Launched to Remove Plastic Bottles in Two – Not Ten –Years

Letter to Sec. Deb Haaland – Plastic Free Parks in Two Not Ten Years – 08-09-2022 (PDF) 

DESCRIPTION: Letter to Secretary Deb Haaland to move up the Department of Interior/National Park Service ...

Interior Has Bad Case of Climate “Cow Blindness”

Failure to Address Commercial Livestock Climate Impacts Invites Lawsuits

Letter to Sec. Haaland – Climate Impacts of Livestock Grazing – 07-22-2022 (PDF)

Letter to Secretary Deb Haaland and the Climate Task Force regarding Interior’s failure to address climate Impacts ...

Outside Witness Testimony – Senate Appropriations Committee – 06-10-2022 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Outside Witness Testimony in Support of Increasing Staffing Levels in Public Land Use Agencies TO: ...

Letter to Sec. Deb Haaland – NODAP at Dept of Interior – 04-19-2022 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: PEER letter to Secretary Deb Haaland on Interior's continued use of the harsh personnel policy known ...

Comments on America the Beautiful – 30×30 – 03-07-2022 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Public comments submitted in response to a call for public input in developing an “Atlas” to track a ...

COMMENTARY | Concern Over President’s Choice to Head Federal Wildlife Agency 

The Biden Administration's pick to lead the Fish and Wildlife Service, Martha Williams, seems to be lacking in the ...

Letter to Secretary Haaland – Pittman-Robertson Funding – Wolves – 09-27-2021 (PDF)

DESCRIPTION: Letter to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland regarding rogue states receiving Pittman-Robertson funding ...

PEERMail | Plastic Free Parks Are Possible!

The National Park Service must act quickly to address the crisis of plastics in our parks, Sec. Haaland has an ...

PETITION | Plastic Free Parks

Petition to Sec of Interior to outlaw sales of plastic water bottles in national parks, setting a green example ...

COMMENTARY | Haaland’s Bold Move Forward at Interior

Structural changes within the Department of Interior will further Secretary Haaland’s goals of tackling the ...

COMMENTARY | Biden Administration Choices will Determine the Future of the Federal Workforce

Guest Contributor: John Martin - Department of Interior leadership and missions have been severely compromised and ...

Letter to Department of Interior – Suspension of Delegated Authority – 03/17/2021

DESCRIPTION: Letter to Department of Interior to extend the Suspension of Delegated Authority from January 20, ...

Statement | Ten Steps to Ensure that Proper Leaders Run the Department of the Interior

A guide for the Biden administration to avoid repeating the Trump administration's unlawful actions in making ...

PEERMail | “Advice and Consent” Is the Law

Secretary Bernhardt continues his carousel of illegal appointments with new de facto NPS Director Margaret Emerson

Park Service Chief’s Appointment As Illegal As Pendley’s  

Lawsuit Progresses Toward Removing “De Facto” Park Service Director  

PEERMail | BLM Must Embrace Climate Solutions

Bureau of Land Management must confront climate change effects as a central element of its mission, as PEER ...

Beyond 2020: Bureau of Land Management

Conflicted leadership, loss of institutional knowledge, and marginalization of staff have left the Bureau of Land ...

Comments on William Perry Pendley’s Unfitness to Lead the BLM

Tim Whitehouse, Executive Director of PEER, comments to House Natural Resources Committee Democratic Roundtable on ...

New Temporary Park Service Appointment Is Illegal

Lawsuit Amended to Invalidate Latest “De Facto” Park Service Director 

BLOG | Trump’s Temporary Insanity

Trump's latest attempt to avoid the Senate’s confirmation process is Lanny Erdos of the Office of Surface Mining ...

BLOG | Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s Autocratic Power Grab

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s Autocratic Power Grab In an obscure announcement on July 22nd about ...

BLOG | Trump’s Dangerous Salute to Toadyism at Mt. Rushmore

Trump plans to stage a dangerous distraction disguised as fireworks at Mt. Rushmore, risking both wildfires and ...

Illegal Indirect Lobbying by Interior  

Tweet and Video Violate Ban on Propaganda and Grassroots Lobbying 

Interior IG Sits on Migratory Bird Ethics Complaint

Inspector General Wants FWS Retirees to Name Those Who Complained  

Trump’s “Sagebrush Rebels” Mull Latest Bundy Trespass   

Prosecution Unlikely Amid Sharp Decline in Interior Criminal Enforcement    

BLOG | It’s Time to Take on Interior Department Corruption

In the midst of a pandemic, corruption at the Department of Interior continues with slashed oil and gas royalties ...

Lawsuit Seeks Ouster of Park Service and BLM Leaders  

Violations of Constitution and Vacancies Act Charged for Unconfirmed Chiefs  

Can National Parks Practice Social Distancing?

The still-unfolding pandemic has underlined the public health risks that national parks and refuges pose both to ...

National Parks Epitomize Trump COVID Inconsistency

As more than 100 national park units have closed, hundreds more remain open in an uneven handling of COVID-19 by ...

Interior Department International Travel Illegal

Unauthorized Official Okayed Trips Contrary to Statute

Horrid Time to Work Inside Interior Department

SES Shudders at Clueless Reorganizations and Parade of Temporary Leaders

No Direction – National Park Service and BLM to be Run by Lower Deputies for 3 Years

Trump and Bernhardt Continue to Deny Senate Role in Confirming Directors

Interior’s Obtuse Reorganization Has Blurry Focus

New Layers of Regional Bureaucracy Larded on Top of Current Structure

New BLM Acting Director Threatens Agency’s Existence

Ultra-Right Wing Lawyer William Pendley is Uniquely Unqualified to Run BLM

Coastal Barrier Islands under Surprise Attack in House

Budget Amendment Allows Stripping Islands for Beach “Renourishment”

Interior’s Musical Chairs Spin out of Control

Complaints Mount as Sagebrush Rebel Installed Over Wildlife and Parks

PEERMail: Interior Reorganizing to Better Quash Dissent

There are different bureaus with different missions that sometimes conflict. A unitary command would prevent ...

Peer Files New Information on Illegal Actions by Park Service Deputy Director

Inspector General Asked to Take Action Against Department of the Interior Violations

National Park Service Accused of Illegal Appointment

PEER Asks Inspector General to Reject David Vela as Deputy Director of Operations

Senate Confirms Monumentally Bad Pick to Lead Interior

Former Oil and Gas Lobbyist Sets New Low Bar for Regulatory Capture

BLOG: Bernhardt’s Bad Actors

Eight political appointees are leading most of the Department of the Interior bureaus without the required “advice ...

The Woman from Monsanto Inside Interior

Former Executive Had Hand in Lifting GMO and Pesticide Bans in Refuges

Bernhardt Surrounded by Illegitimate Acting Officials

Confirmation for Appointee Subverting Senate’s Advice and Consent Power

PEERMail: David Bernhardt and the Banality of Evil

As disturbing Trump appointees go, Scott Pruitt at EPA is hard to top.  Well, somebody else who has that potential ...

Bernhardt Brags of Interior Ethics Turnaround

Claims Progress in Stemming “Avalanche of Ethical Misconduct” across All Bureaus

Interior Department Gaming the Shutdown

Staff Ordered to Perform Nonemergency Work to Serve Special Interests

Suit to Penetrate Political Screening of Interior Grants

Inspector General Decries “Weak or Non-Existent Controls” on Grants and Aid

Zinke Orders Broad Rollback of Wildlife Protections

Agencies Ordered to Defer to State Hunting and Fishing Practices Whenever Possible

Lawsuit to Penetrate Alaska Petroleum Controversy

Premature Disclosure of New NPRA Estimates Led to Resignation in Ethics Protest

Zinke Shows No Sign of Empowering the Field

Interior Secretary Routinely Preempts Local Decision-Making

Legal Cloud Looms over Interior Department Actions

Legitimacy of Acting Directors of Parks, BLM, and Fish & Wildlife Remains in Doubt

Temporary Interior Department Directors Illegal

All Decisions by Acting Park Service, BLM, and Fish & Wildlife Heads Legally Void

Zinke Clueless on Interior’s Harassment Culture

Survey Shows Widespread Reports of Reprisal and Complaint Suppression

Zinke Commandeered Boat for Channel Islands Jaunt

Diverted to Pick Up Wife, Aunt, and Guests He Classified as “Technical Experts”

Monument Miasma from Vague Zinke Memo

Contradictions, Legal Questions, and Confusion Cloud Zinke Monument Review


From: Greenwire “"I am writing you on behalf of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) to ...

Interior Nominee Tied to Arctic Refuge Scientific Fraud

Bernhardt Aided Misleading Congress about Oil Drilling Effects in Arctic Refuge

Trump Monument Order Heads in Wrong Direction

Backlog of Interior Wilderness Reviews to See If More, Not Less, Protection Needed

Zinke Poised to Repeat National Bison Range Mistakes

Ceding Refuge Management to Tribe Is Illegal; Fraught with Headaches and Disputes

Fate of Bison Range in Interior Secretary Zinke’s Hands

Lawsuit to Block Transfer at Critical Stage as Refuge Withers on Starvation Diet

Another Audit Faults Reclamation Illegal Irrigator Subsidies

Has Interior Leadership Void Enabled Allowed Reclamation to Go Totally Rogue?

Interior Inspector General Needs New Leader

Politicized, Misguided, and Shrouded Probes Should Disqualify Kendall

New Revisions Weaken Interior Scientific Integrity Safeguards

Rules Against Politicized Science Honeycombed With Loopholes and Escape Hatches

Exxon Valdez Damages Suit Drags Into 2015 and Perhaps Beyond

Judge Frustrated That Long Overdue Restoration Plan Still Not Near Completion

Mountains of Native American Remains Mislaid and Mislabeled

Federal Office Stopped Cataloguing Discoveries, Tracking Loans or Notifying Tribes

Move to End Federal Funding of Alaska Predator Control

State Should Repay Noncompliant Grants and Be Barred from Future Grants

Vindicated Arctic Scientist Retires With Cash Settlement

$100,000 Payment and Belated Secretary’s Award Resolves Whistleblower Complaint

Reclamation Lifts Removal Threat Against Klamath Biologists

Rare Apology Coupled with Promise of More Collaborative & Transparent Posture

Cadillac Contracts Cannibalize Agency Science Budget

Review Asked for Overhead of Up to 50% in Open-Ended Reclamation Contracts

Interior Denies Spinning Klamath Science

Complaint Deemed Factual but Inaccuracies Excused as “Normal Practice”

Drowned Polar Bear Paper Vindicated – Again

Interior Rejects IG Call for Further Scientific Reviews yet Case Remains Open

IG Repeatedly Tried to Criminally Prosecute Arctic Scientist

After Charges Discredited, Drowned Polar Bear Case Reopened Without Explanation

Call to Open up Emergency Shell Arctic Review

Federal Agencies Need to Consult Outside Experts and Residents Not Just Industry

Alaska Dropped Ball on Runaway Shell Vessel

State Focused on Capacity of Towing Vessel to be Towed, Not on Its Ability to Tow

Klamath Biologists Threatened With Removal

Scientists File Complaint Citing Political Interference and Censorship

Scientific Whistleblower Complaint Resolved

Successful Mediation Under Auspices of U.S. Office of Special Counsel

Eco-Lawsuit Advances Against Cape Wind

Risk to Right Whale and other Threatened and Endangered Species Litigated

Farewell Message That BLM Has Lost Its Way

Sole Focus on Commodities Threatens Natural Heritage, 44-Year Veteran Warns

Rising Doubts on Independence of Interior Inspector General

Staff Survey Shows Only 60% Believe IG Operates "Free from Improper Influence"
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