BLOG | Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s Autocratic Power Grab

by Peter Jenkins | August 3, 2020
Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s Autocratic Power Grab In an obscure announcement on July 22nd about President Trump’s border wall obsession, the Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt, stated that he was handing 66 acres managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to the ...

BLOG | Don’t Mention COVID-19 at NOAA

by Kyla Bennett | July 22, 2020
NOAA has informed its employees to avoid mentions of COVID-19 in publicly available documents as the hyper-political White House attempts to win reelection ...

Statement | Uplisting of North Atlantic Right Whales

by Susan Sargent | July 9, 2020
The IUCN has uplisted the North Atlantic right whales from endangered to critically endangered which means is it "facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild ...

BLOG | How GAO Is Helping Shine A Light on My Former Federal Agency

by Guest Contributor | July 8, 2020
Former DOE scientist Bill Dam reveals groundwater contamination coming from several former uranium mills in Wyoming, endangering two Native American tribes ...

BLOG | Reforming Whistleblower Protection Laws 

by Paula Dinerstein | July 7, 2020
In light of the dangerous pattern of retaliation by the Trump Administration against those who report wrongdoing, it is more important than ever to preserve and reform federal whistleblower protections ...

BLOG | Trump’s Dangerous Salute to Toadyism at Mt. Rushmore

by Jeff Ruch | June 29, 2020
Trump plans to stage a dangerous distraction disguised as fireworks at Mt. Rushmore, risking both wildfires and potentially, public health from the crowds ...

BLOG | Protect Honeybees and Pollinators by Ending the Use of Toxic Pesticides 

by Rina Herzl | June 24, 2020
Pollinators are collapsing around the world and even more so in the United States. What we are witnessing is an “insect apocalypse ...

BLOG | The Decimation of the Public Sector Workforce

by Tim Whitehouse | June 18, 2020
Not passing the HEROES Act will have devastating consequences to the economy, state governments and the public sector workforce ...

COMMENTARY | National Forests and COVID-19. What’s Happening?

by Tim Whitehouse | June 12, 2020
National Forests receive less attention than parks during COVID-19, but overcrowding, lack of resources, and risk to gateway communities are the same ...

BLOG | 43 Steps for the Next Presidential Term

by Kevin Bell | June 11, 2020
The advice the government gets from its formal scientific advisors should be robust and independent, and the government should rely on the expertise of those advisors ...

BLOG | University of Colorado Faculty Must Address Climate Science Censorship

by Chandra Rosenthal | June 8, 2020
The University of Colorado Boulder needs to ensure that special interests are not controlling climate change research conducted by university scientists ...

BLOG | It’s Time to Take on Interior Department Corruption

by Tim Whitehouse | June 2, 2020
In the midst of a pandemic, corruption at the Department of Interior continues with slashed oil and gas royalties and fines on renewable energy companies ...

BLOG | National Parks Stumble Towards Reforms

by Jeff Ruch | June 2, 2020
In order for national parks to remain “America’s Best Idea,” park managers must move from merely maximizing crowds to actually managing them ...

Statement | We Must All Address Racism and Economic Injustice

by Tim Whitehouse | June 1, 2020
The outrage over recent racial violence and injustice, has been another reminder of our failure to address a history of racism and economic injustice ...

BLOG | EPA Creating A “Pandemic of Pollution” Since COVID-19 Crisis

by Tim Whitehouse | May 26, 2020
Despite the connection between exposure to air pollution and adverse outcomes from COVID-19, EPA continues to accelerate its efforts to gut important air quality protections, unleashing what a new staff report by U.S. Senator Carper calls a “pandemic of pollution.” Since March 1, EPA ...

BLOG | New Age of Impunity: Trump’s Relentless Attack on Oversight

by Jeff Ruch | May 22, 2020
Trump's firing of the State Department’s Inspector General should send a shiver of fear down the spine of every oversight functionary left in Washington ...

BLOG | Opposing the EPA Plan to Restrict Science

by Kyla Bennett | May 21, 2020
The new EPA plan to restrict science is subject to the interests of political appointees and is not based on exisitng scientific integrity standards ...

BLOG | There Is No “Trump Exemption” – That Is Why We Are Suing

by Tim Whitehouse | May 19, 2020
PEER and Western Watersheds Project sued the Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, alleging that Bernhardt has used temporary appointees to lead the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management in violation of federal laws and the U.S. Constitution ...

BLOG | Dr. Bright’s COVID-19 Cronyism Case Is Tough to Crack

by Paula Dinerstein | May 13, 2020
The case of Dr. Rick Bright concerning corruption in federal vaccine development should be Exhibit A for serious reform of the federal whistleblower system by the next Congress ...

BLOG: Why Blow the Whistle?

by Kevin Bell | May 12, 2020
What makes whistleblowers finally blow the whistle? When their daily outrage at wrongdoing begins to outweigh their personal risk ...
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